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Edd Rogers Chevrolet


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Edd Rogers Chevrolet has sat on the west end of town since 1972 where they have worked tirelessly to build the trust of the community through their commitment to service.

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“We are not selling cars, we are helping people buy what they want,” Eddie Rogers, who, along with his brother, Ronnie, inherited the business from his father, Edd. “We work with our customers to help them find what they are looking for instead of trying to push what we have on the lot. We want to earn their confidence and trust with every interaction.”

Edd Rogers opened the doors to his used car business in the middle of Sparta, in 1956. In 1961, he franchised Edd Rogers Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick and moved to the corner of Spring Street and Bockman Way. Through continued good service, Rogers was able to build the current location where the family has been selling and servicing vehicles for more than five decades.

While the landscape of the car business may have changed dramatically in the last 50 years, one thing that hasn’t changed is Edd Rogers’s commitment to their community and customers.

“We are getting more orders for cars we can get online than selling inventory we actually have on the ground,” Eddie Rogers said. “We’re selling more cars than ever to people we’ve never seen.”

Rogers said that while listing vehicles online – and shopping for them online – is a growing component of car sales, nothing beats seeing, touching, and feeling how a vehicle drives. And that is why the Sparta car dealership continues to focus on customer service.

“Dependability is important. Selling a car is one thing, but taking care of our customers after the sale is what we key,” Eddie Rogers said. “Honesty, Integrity, and treating them like you would want to be treated.”

He went on to say  the success of the family-owned car dealership stems from making customer service the backbone of the business and building trust through community involvement.

“We spend a lot more money on ensuring our customers are satisfied with their experience here and helping programs throughout our community than we do on traditional promotions and advertisement,” Rogers said. “And we have been rewarded accordingly by gaining the community’s business.”

While the business may have changed over the years, it is still going strong. Edd Rogers Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Buick sells an average of 50 cars each month while servicing approximately 400.

“It is a great feeling to help people be happy,” Rogers said. “I will never get tired of assisting in that process.”


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