Ensuring the integrity of the 2022 mid-term, Part II

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 Last week’s publication of part one of the above-noted important subject matter; i.e. the compelling need to ensure the integrity of the November 2022 mid-term elections and all future elections, was meant to stimulate both your interest and pro-active participation in repelling/destroying the menacing Satanic effort to takeover and destroy our God-ordained Christian nation. 

Much of the following is derived from a speech given Mr. John E. Lott, Jr., in September 2021, at a conference on “Critical American Elections.”  Mr. Lott served in the Trump administration as senior advisor for research and statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice, where he studied voter fraud.  He is now the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Center.

Seventeen years ago, in 2005, an appointed Commission on Federal Election Reform proposed a uniform system of requiring photo ID in order to vote in U.S. elections.  It pointed out that widespread absentee voting makes voter fraud more likely.  Additionally, it found that voter lists and files contained a large amount of ineligible, duplicate, fictional, and deceased voters, a situation easily exploited with the use of absentee ballots.

In 2020, and true to form, the Democrat Party disavowed the 2005 commission’s findings, in spite of surveys showing that Americans support measures to ensure election integrity.  In fact, a late 2021 Rasmussen survey showed that 80 percent of Americans support a photo ID requirement to vote.  Mr. Lott pointed out that Democrat leaders across the board oppose the requirement for photo voter ID requirement to vote.

Do you find that suspicious? I do.  A photo ID is required to drive a car, cash a check, board commercial aircraft, get married, applying for government aid, get a passport, enter federal buildings, including the nation’s capitol building, the offices of politicians, doctors’ offices and hospitals, police stations, some schools, enlist in the military, police stops, even some sporting events; etc.  Criminals and Democrats are the only two species to oppose photo IDs, unless they are the ones demanding to see your photo ID.  Try getting into Nancy Pelosi’s office without a photo ID.

Subsequent to the pressing common sense need to require a photo ID to vote in all federal, state, and local elections is the need for a stringent new approach to voting via absentee ballots.  The majority of voter fraud in the U.S. centers around absentee ballot voting and compromised individuals/vote counters, positioned at key voting counting centers.

It may surprise you to learn that 35 of the 47 European countries, including France and Italy, do not allow absentee voting.  That is one way to get rid of the fraud associated with it.  Another 10 European countries, among the most noteworthy of whom are England, Ireland and Spain, allow absentee voting but require the absentee voter(s) to show up in person with a photo ID to pick up their absentee ballot.        

Those in our country who do not want to change our antiquated and vulnerable absentee voting rules note that some European countries allow “proxy voting,” whereby one person can designate another to vote for him or her.  Can you imagine the nightmare associated with trying to validate proxy voting on a grand scale?  We already have a large voter fraud problem in some of our big cities where mail-in voting is creating chaos.  I agree with Mr. Lott. A country that does NOT require a photo ID to vote, that does allow mail-in voting and/or proxy voting, and that does not have a stringent set of common sense rules that applies to absentee voting is begging for voter fraud.  

In closing, it might interest you to know that our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, require presentation of a photo ID to vote in their elections.  In fact, Mexico  recently instituted strict reforms.  Voters must present a biometric ID; i.e. an ID with not only a photo, but also a thumb print.  Voters also have an indelible  ink applied to their thumbs, preventing them from voting more than once.  And, absentee voting is prohibited, even for people living outside the country.  Sounds to me like they are ahead of us in their effort to ensure vote integrity.

I found Mr. Lott’s closing comments to be profound.  He said, “Those opposing common sense measures to ensure integrity in U.S. elections ... are not motivated by a concern for democracy, but by partisan interests.”  To that I add one word, “Amen!”

God bless America!

--Jerry Jones, CIA retired, is as native of Sparta.


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