Eroding our culture with lies

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 We are now inside the 60 days to the election mark. Now is the time to start getting in touch with family and friends in other states and making sure they are registered to vote and motivated to vote! Surely, we all have a good idea of which of our relatives will vote for the “R” and which will not. No need to remind those “D” voters about the election! For those you think are persuadable, martial your facts before the conversation begins!

Speaking of facts, I had a discussion with an old friend, and he informed me that even though he was voting the R, he felt sure that Democrats had their own facts that informed their world view. But when I insisted facts were truths that existed independent of political parties, he continued to insist that Democrats must have ‘facts’ that they base their beliefs upon. Thinking about reaching your own list of persuadables, let us examine the whole idea of Democrat “facts” and their effect on our culture.

One of the most famous cases of how Democrats view facts came to light when recently the former speaker of the House, Harry Reid, was asked if he regretted saying that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes and he had been told so by a “friend.” Speaker Reid never hesitated. Reid responded to the question thusly, referencing Romney, “He didn’t win; did he?” In other words, on national television and retired from a high position in government that required the people’s confidence in his pronouncements, Harry Reid pretty much said he didn’t regret lying about Romney because that lie helped the Democrats defeat Romney. In other words, the ends justify the means. And you will note this attitude among Democrats constantly once you start looking for it, which brings me back to the point above.

In many cases, Democrats have no “facts” at all when they make their pronouncements and really don’t care if they are later shown to have been lying because they believe their voters will forgive their lies if said lies help defeat Republicans.

Democrats are also very adept at playing word games and morphing phrases into meaning things that are still in doubt. How many of us remember when evolution was always referred to as “the theory of evolution?” Not anymore! Or the international hoax of “Global Climate Change.” I had a very warm discussion many years ago over this phrase with a group of college student friends of mine. At the time, although global warming was beginning to be generally accepted, there had been no increase in global average temps in five years. And the global warming crowd was keeping it quiet because they were frantically looking for some warming and not wanting to be caught in a five-year period without warming! These college students, filled with the contempt for older folks only a current student may possess, insisted to me there was no five-year pause in global warming. I insisted there was and asked them, “If we discover there has been no increase in global temps the last five years, will you concede global warming does not exist? Oh, they began to “hem and haw.” I asked them, how many years then must go by without an increase in temps until global warming must be considered a theory that has been disproven? No one would commit to saying how many years must go by without an increase in temps before the global warming theory was in doubt. I loaned them my computer and…they reluctantly admitted there had, in fact, been a five-year period without global warming.

 I also predicted to them that the term “global warming” would go away and be replaced by the term “global climate change” (just beginning then) because that way whenever the weather deviated from the average, the global warming crowd could claim that variance was the result of “global climate change” rather than global warming, which sounded like something that could only take credit if temperatures went up. In spite of those predictions being proven correct over time; they cling to that same climate change theory as gospel truth to this day. All of this to say, we must persist in stating the truth regardless of what “facts” are brought up. In most cases, a Democrat’s “facts” evaporate under close examination. They are facts in the same way Harry Reid’s charge against Romney was a “fact.”

But we must also be aware of the ways in which our culture and society are being inundated by many of these false Democrat “fact.” I read many magazines, and it is astonishing to notice how much I see all kinds of prejudice being displayed in modern writing, even when non-political. I was reading a magazine several years ago waiting for a friend to finish his exams. It was one of those modern society type magazines, and the writer’s husband was being transferred to the South. This woman talked about how fearful she was of living in the South as if it were another country! Toward the end of the article, it became obvious through something she wrote that her family was black. And her scary destination city in “The South” was Atlanta! Now I guess she had never been to Atlanta, but for a black lady to fear Atlanta seemed ridiculous! Yet, here was this piece in a national women’s magazine. Another article by another “modern woman” talked about how nervous she became when she saw houses with American flags and/or patriotic bumper stickers on their cars, etc. This was shortly after Donald Trump had won the presidency, and it seemed to me these articles were deliberate attempts to make people afraid of patriotic Americans as if we were some fringe, violent cult!

Just this week, we have heard the lie about President Trump saying disparaging things about our dead soldiers, even though he has been the most supportive president of our military in many years! And that little imbroglio will hardly be the last one before the election. We must reach out everywhere we can to motivate our friends and neighbors, near and far. We need a landslide victory to overcome all the stolen votes we know will occur this year with the mail in voting – particularly in other states. If you have friends in the swing states, by all means give them a call, and make sure they are registered and ready to vote! The country we save may be our own! Until next week…    


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