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While I hated to end last week’s column on such a pessimistic note, I really do not see much happening in the ensuing week to cause me any additional optimism.

Conservatives are seeking out all sorts of long-shot strategies, while many conservative writers are asking a very timely question: How will the 50 percent of America that feels Joe Biden is illegitimate act toward him and his administration?  And, that is just from the Republican side. Many Democrats also believe Joe is illegitimate, but it is presumed they are fine with him being president because he is of the same party as they. But I am not sure that is true!

Several -  I have heard as many House members as 17 - are pursuing a long-shot strategy to deprive Biden of the White House. Their plan needs one member from the House and one from the Senate to object to the count of the electors. This presumably causes a delay sufficient to force the vote to the house delegations rather than the house members. Since Republicans hold more states’ dzelegations, Trump would be elected. I have simplified it here for the sake of space, but you can conduct your own research and discover it easily enough. Many are saying there will not be a single Senator that will stand with the House and call for this action. Regrettable if true, and very revealing as to the true sentiments and allegiances of our “conservative Republican” senators.

Hopefully, we all saw the clueless Senator Lamar Alexander playing the piano this week somewhere in the many government buildings of Washington D.C. While his piano playing wasn’t great, it was probably the least damaging thing he has done for our country in quite a while. We need the hook to come from stage left and jerk his worthless carcass off the stage - something I have been trying to convince the voters of Tennessee to do for quite a while and yet...they persisted. 

When Rand Paul rallied voters to support the good Dr. Manny Sethi and said to them, “Tennessee is too conservative a state to keep sending these RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republicans to Washington D.C,” Tennessee voters, once again, instead, elected the swamp-rat Hagerty to represent them in the Senate. I don’t care if my friend President Trump vouched for him or not, he started 2016 as a delegate pledged to support little Jeb Bush, as insider a position as you can get.

Through the years, I have begged and cajoled and pleaded for people to vote for true conservative representation, and, through the years, we have mostly voted for whoever had the “inside track.” Of course, you shouldn’t need me to tell you the insider is almost always the one sworn to protect those inside the Washington club’s interests, not yours. And, sure enough, we now sit here in the midst of a crisis that demands conservative leadership, and what do we have in the Senate to speak for us? Two RINOs - one long time insider that speaks the language of a RINO and is retiring, and another long time RINO that speaks the language of the conservative but has the voting record of a RINO. So what can I say?

I have listened to people whine and complain about Tennessee’s United States senators as if they had been sent in here from elsewhere to rule. And those same people go to the polls and vote them right back in for another six long years. As my Dad would say, “It would make a hoss mule sick to his stomach!”

So, here we sit, with the representation we elected, sitting on their hands exactly the same as we are, hoping for something to change. Not a single one of our representatives in D.C., with the exception of Dr. Des Jarlais and maybe one or two more, would stick their necks out to save this country regardless of the cost. Most of them got where they are by making sure they took care of the wealthy and connected. When the people want to speak, they have no idea where to go to hear them or whom to listen to. And why should they? We’ve elected them without regard to their unwillingness to speak for us, so should we be surprised?

There may be some ray of hope if we can convince our fellow citizens to swamp the polls in 2022 and vote out every person foolish enough to run under the Democrat banner that stole an election and the birthright of our children. Let’s use a few tactics from the playbook of the left, and, when we see these Democrats, let’s remind them that the label under which they run is disgusting to us and should be to all free men and women of the United States of America! Let’s make the tag “Democrat” so unpopular the party will cease to exist in a few years! And obviously, let’s vote them out of every office, no matter how small, in this country!

Until then, I will search every place I can and let you know of any rays of hope I can find for the just and honest resolution of this presidential election. But I am not very hopeful! I promise each of you that the minute that ray of hope appears, I will certainly announce it here. Until then, we’d best be planning for 2022 elections and hope they are honestly run.         


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