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Finan is the starting catcher for Warriorette softball


Abby Finan has one of the hardest jobs on the softball field, but she handles it with determination and poise and puts her team in a position to control games.

“With her just being just a junior, she still brings a lot of knowledge and leadership to the team. She’s a good role model for the other girls,” Warriorettes’ coach Jerry Roberts said about his starting catcher. “She’s quiet, but she does her job, and the younger girls do look up to her.”

Finan’s job is to catch games for the Warriorettes’ ace pitchers.

Finan has been catching ball games since she was 7 years old, first in Little League and later as a travel ball player and then in both middle school and high school.

“Being a catcher is one of the hardest jobs. We call the plays and everything for the team when we are out on the field. You get some credit but not like the pitchers. You just have to do your job and be the team leader,” Finan said about her position. “You have to make sure everyone stays positive and not get down on themselves.”

Recently, Finan led her team to a victory over Upperman High School and kept the Warriorettes in first place in the race for District Champion.

“Abby is the starting catcher behind the plate and has a great ability on stopping the ball and throwing out runners,” White County High School principal Greg Wilson said. “Just recently, she had the game-winning RBI hit to secure the win against Upperman.”

Finan said the at-bat that kept the White County team in the lead for the championship title was one that had her nervous.

“We already had some outs on the board, and Taylor (Roberts) was on base,” Finan recalled. “I was nervous and just had to take a minute to clear my head.”

Finan’s hit to right field scored Roberts and then Finan went back to work behind the plate, partnering with pitcher Addison Abell to shut out the Lady Bees the rest of the game and bring home the win.

“Abby does a spectacular job behind home plate. She catches a lot of games,” Roberts said. “She does a fantastic job back there, and she is definitely the leader of the team.”

Wilson went on to say that Finan’s dedication and leadership transcends the playing field.

“Abby is a good kid and a good student,” Wilson said of the junior who has been on the A honor roll her entire academic career. “She is just are really good all-around person.”

As for Finan, she’s just enjoying school and softball and says  she is taking everything one day at a time.

“I’m just excited to see where this team takes me,” she said. “The goal is ‘Just One Game Further.’”    


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