First impressions from the west side of the wilderness

Christpoint Church


 First impressions are everything. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. People will make a decision whether they like someone or not in the first few minutes of conversation. The above are all statements made concerning first impressions. It has been stated that people will decide whether or not they like an organization in the first 12 minutes. So we find out everything we need to know about a person within those first moments. Does the person look you in the eye? Do they give you a firm handshake? Do they try to avoid conversation? We will even ask someone their name, then most will immediately forget it. How we introduce ourselves says a lot about us. Your name identifies your heritage, history, ancestry and reputation. I say all of this to say, we will give and garner respect in those first few moments of perception. Some people will know a lot about us, and highly intuitive people will know our hearts the moment we speak.

A guy named Moses had one of those first encounter moments alone in the wilderness with a bush that was burning but wasn’t consumed. He met the presence and power of God that day, and he left there with more than just a first impression, he left with a lifelong mission to liberate the very people he tried to escape from years earlier. His mission was direct - go back to Egypt, command pharaoh to free my people. Now this is where it gets good, tell them “I am” has sent you. Tell them “I am that I am.” Notice God introduces himself as a comparison to himself. If his comparison was anything else, it would have been an inaccurate introduction. He is not like the wind, storm or earthquake; he is above everything we could think or imagine. So our first formal introduction with God in the book of Exodus chapter 3 is everything we need to sustain us in life.

In verse 1 God met with Moses and called him from that bush on the west side of the wilderness. Notice that Moses was alone, and he had removed himself from collateral interference as far as the east is from the west. Prayer connects us to the west side of the wilderness where we can meet with God. Fasting disconnects us from the east side of distraction where in that meeting we can hear from Him also.

Moses left his meeting with God changed enough to accept the impossible of impossible tasks. That first impression was more than a firm handshake, it was life changing, and it all started because the east became unfulfilling for Moses. God gave one set of instructions for this monumental endeavor and that was “I am.” Remember “I Am” when your battle looks overwhelming. Think on “I Am” through the hunger, the impossible task and the depths of depression. Remember this - when “I Am” has sent me, then I am enough!

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