He cannot be allowed to stay in power

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 In a recent speech regarding the Russian-Ukraine War, our illegitimate and incompetent president, Joe Biden, said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot be allowed to remain in power.”  He was referring to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  He called the Russian leader a war criminal, a butcher, and a murderous dictator.  I am going to plagiarize and reword that sentence to say, “For America and our allies’ sake this man cannot be allowed to remain in power!”  The man I am referring to is Joe Biden himself.  He is equally repugnant as Putin.  Like Putin, Biden is attempting to destroy a country.  In Biden’s case, it is our country, the United States of America.

Consider the following comparisons of Putin and Biden:

Putin ordered his troops to invade/attack Ukraine with the objective of taking over the country and re-enslaving it as part of a new Soviet Union that he dreams about.  To accomplish this and, at the same time, punish Ukraine for breaking away from the former Soviet Union, Putin ordered his military to destroy/level Ukraine’s cities, towns, hospitals, schools and its infrastructure.

Even more heinous, Putin declared all of Ukraine’s citizens - men, women, children, babies, the elderly, the sick and the injured - to be  valid military targets.  In other words, he ordered the genocide of the Ukrainian people.  This qualifies Putin and his invading military as war criminals

These horrific crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the World Court, and there is an abundance of video evidence to support charges of war crimes.  However, if the World Court is anything like the United Nations, which I call the “Useless Nations,” there will be lots of talk but little, if any, action taken to prosecute Putin and his murderous military.

As for Joe Biden’s lunacy, he purposely weakened our southern border to make it easier for illegal aliens to cross into the U.S.  And, somewhat akin to the tactics of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a mercenary army funded by the Mexican and South American drug cartels now provides covering fire and diversions for many of the border crossings, which involves both their illegal drug shipments and the illegal/lawbreaking aliens.  The latter are nothing short of an invading army, which Biden is clandestinely dispersing throughout the country, with emphasis on burdening Republican states. 

It is only going to get worse if we do not grow a backbone like the Ukrainians.

With their borders violated, the gallant defenders of Ukraine have been fighting on four fronts to repel the invading Russian Army.  It now appears that the Ukrainian military and citizen volunteers have retaken their capitol city of Kyiv.  Once they kick the Russians out of their country, perhaps we can get them to fight off the hordes of illegal aliens invading our country and retake our southern border. 

I find it embarrassing that the most powerful country in the world cannot control its southern border, while a smaller country in the form of Ukraine is fighting the Russian bear and pushing it back toward the border it violated.  At this moment, it appears that Ukraine has a better chance of defeating its enemy and securing is border than we do.  President Zelenskyy and the people of  Ukraine are united in a patriotic bond to do whatever it takes to win this war that was thrust upon them. 

Just like the concerned and patriotic Ukraine citizenry, which have rallied to the defense of their country, we must do likewise.  Our southern border must be shut down, except for local commerce.  At the present, we do not have an effective or trusted executive branch of government. 

It is vividly clear that a horrific mistake was made in the 2020 presidential election.  We have incompetent leadership, which is in need of expulsion.

God bless America and Ukraine.

--Jerry Jones, a native of Sparta, is CIA retired.


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