Hindrances, hurdles and realities of dealing with racism


Most normal, everyday, regular citizens of all races in this country do not want to hear, read, talk about, or deal with racism, prejudice, discrimination, and reverse discrimination in this country. But we all want it to go away. Therefore, it has to be discussed and dealt with. The problem is that we are looking at it from different angles, given our varied stations in life, and have divergent and conflicting views on it. With a few rare exceptions (and the existence of those few is an assumption on my part), none of us can truthfully claim sainthood in our public and private views, speech and actions related to these volatile subjects.

Once we accept the irrefutable fact that bias, which encompasses racism, is alive and all-too-well, in all races of people, the possibility of finding an imperfect solution to racial differences becomes a distinct possibility, perhaps even in our lifetime. For that to become a reality, two things must happen. One, there has to be a determined willingness on all sides to respect, accept, and co-exist with each other. Two, our ever-present firebrands must be tempered and kept in check. Riots only provoke violence, criminal acts, and hardens dislike into hate on all sides. Riots also degrade the legitimacy of the rioters’ claims and sours public opinion.

I am sure you took note of the fact that I said “an imperfect solution.” I say that because bias/racism is a state of mind. Although the tangible actions emanating from such a mindset is subject to legislation and law enforcement deterrence, the biased mindset reminds. It is a personal choice, the essence of our God-given birthright of “free will.” It is the use or misuse of our free will that will determine our after-life destination; i.e. Heaven or Hell!

Bias/racism has to be resolved on an individual basis. Given the diversity of the races and the individuality of each member of the varied races, the best we can hope for is a general foundational understanding, imperfect as it may be. The expansion of said understanding will depend on the sensibility and bonding outreach by the individual members of each race to fellow travelers on this earth. Love and acceptance cannot be legislated as both are free will decisions. And, simply put, free will is “the ability to make decisions/choices that are not controlled by fate or God.” We, as individuals, choose the paths we take in life and, in doing so, determine our destiny. That is “free will.”

One of the key hurdles in the battle to eliminate bias/racism is the existence of ingeniousness outside influences/groups/political entities, each with their own ulterior motives. It should be remembered that it was the influence of the ultimate outside deceiver that prompted the free-will decision of Adam and Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit that generated the first recorded sin of mankind. Think of all the money we could have saved on clothes had they not been deceived.

The battle between morality and immorality, good and evil, and the evil exploitation of the imperfection of mankind from both within and outside our ranks still rages today. Their engineered objective of these provocateurs is to mislead us in to promoting their hidden and less-than-honorable agendas, which, in turn, will affect our fall from the grace of God.

It is to our eternal benefit to resolve the issue of racism, for which there is no good reason to allow its continued existence. We are all brothers and sisters. If our racial diversity and divergent views only allow an imperfect solution, so be it. The road to congeniality and co-existence has to begin with a single step. Now is the time for a new beginning.

At this point, I am shifting gears to a more pointed and opinionated commentary regarding the present day status of black Americans, racism, and their desire for full equality in our federal republic. Equality without deference is something I fully support. I do not have the long-sought-after solution to this problem. But, as a guilt-free white male, believed by some, to be privileged as a result of the white skin I found my body encased in at birth, I decided to offer up some issues and perceived hindrances that need to be addressed in the quest for equality.

I generally address things head-on using straightforward and easily understood sentences. If you find any word(s), comment and/or opinion offensive, please know that was not my intention. And, as my intent is noble, I offer no apology. I don’t write to appease people. My job is to share my personal views/opinions in written form, and I do so as effectively as I can.

The term African-American is seen by many as racist and a hindrance to black Americans. The argument is that one is either African or American. The terms Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Asian-Americans, Canadian-American, etc. are rarely, if ever, heard. I would argue that the only bona fide use of such a race identifying term would be “Native Americans” to identify the ancestors of the great Indian tribes who once ruled the great expanse of North America.

The payment of reparations to all black Americans who are descended from slaves who were sold into slavery by black African slave traders, is a non-starter; i.e. it is dead on arrival. Today’s black Americans are 155 years removed from calendar year 1865, when slavery was officially abolished in the United States. Reparations were awarded directly to all former slaves. First, in the form of a great civil war, the primary objective of which was to free the enslaved. In that horrific process, somewhere between 600,000 and 688,000 combatants died, as did an estimated 50,000 civilians. Literally, an entire generation, mostly white, died to free the slaves. And, in addition to the supreme sacrifice of lives, the country gave each slave 40 acres and a mule, a small fortune at the time. In other words, reparations have been paid in full.

There is another noteworthy fable that black Americans have wrongly embraced. It may come as a surprise, but “white privilege” is a bigger myth than the Blair Witch, the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, the Headless Horseman and, yes, Santa Claus. The different races on this planet tend to stick together and take care of their own. That is human nature, not prejudice. And, that includes the black race. No other country has more opportunities for all races than the United States. But, those opportunities have to be sought, they do not come begging. People of all races who rue their failed life most likely never wandered far from their cocoon of home and friends. I took what God gave me and did the best I could. My success was not white privilege, it was fueled by a good wife and strong determination. And, that is the legacy of ever decent man and woman I know. Self-pity is self- inflicted and self-defeating. The only earned privilege I seek is at the end of my lifelong journey.

That is my opinion. God Bless America!


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