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 Good morning to all, regardless the time if day you are reading this! Let’s get to the news!

Across Florida, conservatives took back their school boards from the progressives that were running the system. This has been a grassroots effort fueled mainly by what parents saw when they observed what their kids were learning in school because of the Chinese virus lockdowns. Let us hope the parents that saw sweeping victories across the state due to their efforts will expend the same energy and passion in electing conservatives to the House, Senate, and even the White House in 2024!

As things have become more clear as a result of illegal leaks from the Biden justice department, we are seeing how thin the justification really was for the break-in and government theft at Mar-A-Lago. The justice department took what was a paperwork disagreement and attempted to make it into some sort of traitorous arrangement Trump had contrived by taking classified records as he left the White House. A couple points on this.

First, as a result of a lawsuit from Judicial Watch seeking Bill Clinton recordings that Clinton kept in his “sock drawer,” the Supreme Court ruled that the president of the United States has complete power over what he declares is his personal papers and effects to be taken to his library and what records are retained by the government. That ruling also stated that the president has the complete right to de-classify any records he chooses to, at any time, and for any reason or no reason at all.

Until the Biden administration, all presidents had upheld the previous president’s claims of executive privilege, understanding that only through actions of that kind can executive privilege continue to aid the institution of the presidency. The actions we have seen from this president are undermining the presidency as an institution, something never before done. And something that can only damage our country. But then..?

And let’s look at the claims from the Mar-A-Lago break-in. First, high ranking members of the justice department met with reporters and assured them this was a routine matter over a paperwork squabble and had been handled through normal FBI channels with no involvement from A.G. Garland. Then, by the end of last week, Garland was forced to hold a news conference and announce that he had, in fact, approved the break-in at Mar-a-Largo.

In the latest news dump - leakers are saying that Biden was also involved in the break-in prior to its execution. It is all kind of murky, but the bottom line is that we now know that the Biden regime was involved in the Mar-A-Lago break-in from conception to completion. Why such a circuitous and tangled web of lies and half-truths surrounding this break-in? My guess is they are on shaky ground legally, and they are trying to find a way in each department (justice, office of the president, FBI) to keep their skirts clean!

In other news, Dr. Fauci has announced his retirement effective end of the year. It is looking as if the forces within D.C. are planning to lay all the blame of Fauci’s mismanagement at the foot of the CDC. Apparently, the CDC is the least connected politically and therefore will be used to dump the blame on. Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Finally, if you missed the presentation on hacking our voting machines, it is recorded and able to be viewed at Included in the presentation were many facts around the introduction of the voting machines, the first person to ever write an election rigging code, and more! If you merely go to that website and watch a few of the presentations, you will be amazed at the growing mountain.    


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