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Such a busy time this last week! I have been meaning to write up this list for some time now, and there has always been something else that seemed more important. Not today! So here we go!

As we go forward toward 2022 and the elections of that year, we need to look closely at who our friends are. Typically, the party out of power in the first election after the president’s election, that party’s president loses around 30 seats.

So, these elections are crucial in the march toward our 2024 recapture of the White House. This means knowing who our friends are and are not, who can be trusted to stay conservative out of core principles and who cannot will enable us to plan effectively. Because patriots act from their own convictions and not the last, most popular way of seeing the world. Their finger is not in the wind, deciding their votes for the session.

Kevin McCarthy. It is easy to feel good about this man. For the most part, he seems to take seriously conservative values, the rule of law, border control…the list goes on and on. But McCarthy was instrumental in working behind the scenes to get special arrangements for the big tech companies to continue importing their cheap college graduates to take the place of American college graduates, and work at much cheaper rates. Extra visas for China and the Chinese pregnancy tourism continued, thanks to him. Now do not get me wrong, this is the kind of swamp work that they all quietly pass, by voice votes in the dead of night, and it is just the “way things are done.” Someday it would be nice to have political leaders that were not corrupt. Just sayin’. Bottom line is that Kevin McCarthy can only be counted on when lots of political pressure is being applied and no weasel room exists.

Our old friend and South Carolina Governor Nikki Hailey.  I have criticized her in this column before, as being an unprincipled political hack, motivated by her personal ambition to be America’s first female Republican president. Her problem is that she is not a really good judge of when to stab which Republican in the back. But why should I put words in her mouth when she can speak for herself?

“We need to acknowledge he (President Trump) let us down,” she (Hailey) told Politico magazine in an interview published Friday. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Haley has often attempted to walk a fine line between allying herself with Trump -- who remains a hugely popular figure within the party -- while distancing herself enough to appeal to his Republican and moderate critics. This was Hailey in a Politico interview after the riot and the attendant criticism of Trump. Her reasoning over why to stab now was clear. “I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. I think he’s lost his social media, which meant the world to him,” she continued. “I mean, I think he’s lost the things that really could have kept him moving.” Haley, however, predicted that Trump won’t run for federal office again and that the former President will not have a future in the Republican Party. “I don’t think he’s going to be in the picture,” she said. “I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.”

So, you see, after Trump gave her the one thing she was missing on her resume, foreign policy experience, gratitude is not a “thing” in Washington D.C. And she thought she could safely knife Trump while he was down. Nice girl!

Again, I say, this girl is no conservative and certainly not any kind of loyal member of any team. I would not want to turn my back to her, and I would not trust her to do the right thing.

I guess we need to go ahead and list our neighbor to the north, Mitch McConnell. Ole Mitch is another “conservative of convenience” and not a person of deep conservative values. Ole Mitch is a swamp rat from waaay back!

Mike Pence is a man of principle, but not of bold action. So, while I think he is a loyal man and one that can be trusted, he is not the kind of guy that is gonna step up and take bold, decisive action. These times call for that. So, I could he see him on the team – as a senator or congressman. But as a stand-alone leader… He just does not have what we need.

I can see already we will need another column to finish this list. I cannot let this column go by without mentioning the death of Rush Limbaugh. The man was so important in explaining how the conservative viewpoint was one that valued all people and wanted only the best for every member. If you didn’t spend awhile listening to Rush…Well your chance is gone. We will miss his voice and his reflection on the events of the day.

On the other hand, his death allows the nastiness of America’s left to be underlined once again! Why is it that these people of the left can never let things go? They insist on vilifying an opponent, even in death. Their vitriol only serves to expose them as the useless haters they are! What an unattractive bunch!

Finally, on this stupid virus. Let’s all be careful until we can get this vaccine administered. I, for one, do not have any qualms about taking it. Vaccines have made modern life in America much more enjoyable. I had chicken pox, whooping cough, German measles…believe me the vaccines are a much easier way to go. And no, they will not turn you into a zombie! Sometimes we must all learn to weed out the crazy voices of alarm from the other noise in the background.

And let me close with this. From Q-anon on down, there has grown an industry that pretends to know the TRUTH. I was sent one of their “updates” the other day that reflected over 150,000 readers. Assuming that is true, that is too bad. Think of all the energy these vampires are draining from the body politic with their predictions of Trump’s imminent return and revealing the master plan! Look folks, these people are investing in an elaborate hoax; do not go there with them! If President Trump was working undercover as these people claim, you can bet he would not have people discussing his plans on the net! Oh, I know they go to great lengths to look legitimate, and they do it well. But no undercover plan could ever hope to succeed if its “secrets” were being disclosed willy-nilly on the net. Take a deep breath, and spend that energy helping us elect conservatives to office! Until next week…    


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