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As I said in my previous article (or should have), we are meeting again after huge changes have taken place in our nation. As a result, I am doing my best to get us a base of information from which to springboard our discussions going forward. So please indulge me if I am reciting facts you already know. In the interests of bringing us all along, I think it is important to lay the base.

Some issues I did not have space for in my last column:

Vladimir Lenin famously said, “Destroy the family; you destroy the country.”

At long last and, ironically, as a result of the pandemic, American parents are waking up to realize our children are being taught to hate each other and our country. The normalization/promotion of all kinds of deviant behavior is being called not OK but good! I will rest that discussion in a family newspaper to simply say the morals and folkways of our culture are being completely undermined.

We used to learn of the bravery of early American pioneers that went into the wilderness of America and forged from their blood, sweat, and tears a new nation. Now, our children are taught our forefathers were a bunch of slave-abusing wife-beating bigots that got by on luck and stealing from the natives that were here before them. Our forefathers were not perfect men and women. Those only exist in fables about Socialist societies. But they were honorable people that paved the way for all the prosperity we enjoy today. And many died in pursuit of very noble goals and dreams of a society where all could achieve according to their talents and not their inheritance and titles as had been the norm in the Europe from whence they came.

The family is the smallest unit of a society. And what Lenin observed was that a country with disordered families produced disorderly citizens. Therefore, it is in the interests of our enemies that our society collapse.

The dominance of the American dollar has allowed us to finance our deficits in the post-world war period. Almost all international trading is done in dollars, and this has had a profoundly strengthening effect on our economy. But Russia and China, and possibly even India, are thinking of making a play for a new reserve currency for the world. This was openly displayed, and one could argue even required, as the result of our de-banking of Russia. This had the effect that Russia announced it would accept purchases of its fuel products in the Russian ruble. Fortunately, as of now, this has been rejected. But if inflation persists, who knows?

I also wanted to go back to the election just briefly. You can dig up relatively recent footage of Democrat officeholders announcing that they had seen voting machines hacked in their presence just a few years ago by a presentation of computer experts. And do we not hear of some major company being hacked almost weekly? Why would we assume our voting machines are immune to such activities? Particularly in a world where a new cold war is rearing its ugly head? It may well be that the local vote-manipulating efforts of Zuckerburg and others was merely camouflage, while the real theft was done by machines? Again, drive your web browser to and check out the election presentation. It is not just a pillowman yelling stolen election! Among the experts is the American Indian credited with inventing e-mail. So, we are truly talking world class experts!

Finally, some hopeful signs…maybe.

Our archenemy China, is having huge domestic problems of its own. Historic flooding along the Yangtze River is leading to the worst Chinese rice crops since the 1940s. Ditto wheat. There are massive lockdowns occurring in Shanghai, the largest port in the world. In what must look like a dystopian nightmare, the streets of Shanghai, a 27-million-person-plus city, are patrolled only by robot dogs and drones. Locked in residents that had been singing their woes on their balconies are told by drones in one translation, “Resist your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not sing and go back in your home.” I call this a cautiously hopeful sign, since trouble in China might mean hope for their turning inward to deal with their problems and leaving the world alone for a while. On the other hand, it is hard to believe that China has not learned from our mistakes that the lockdowns are worse than COVID. Or are they battling something profoundly worse we haven’t yet seen?

On that happy note…

Until next week…


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