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 “Good day” at whatever time you may choose to read this. I am writing on a Wednesday morning, in the year of our Lord 2022. In the interests of “catching up,” I am going to jump about thematically. Strap in, and let’s go!

In searching reports on the raid of President Trump’s private residence, I see no bombshell revelations. Actually, other than the outrage there is really very little to say. As we will soon discover, this was more of a fishing expedition than a properly authorized and conducted search warrant. The president’s son said last night in an interview that President Trump has not been to Mar-A-Lago for about three months, having moved to his club, in New Jersey, doubtlessly to escape the terribly hot Florida summer. So, what were they expecting was left behind?

It seems far more likely that this search was a warning, the proverbial, “shot across the bow.” Persist in your wishes to reclaim the presidency and bad things WILL happen! Hard to believe this kind of thing is happening in America! And that was exactly what Nigel Farrage, our British cousin in freedom said! One just doesn’t expect America to be a place these things happen! That comment tells you all you need to know as to how the rest of the world sees this raid.

Last night’s primaries were a smashing success from Donald Trump’s standpoint; all his endorsed candidates won their primaries, even in cases where it really was up for grabs. This would seem to indicate Trump’s influence on the party has never been stronger. I think, in a lot of ways, the more the Democrats act in ways that are seen by the public as unfair and illegal attempts to exclude Trump from the 2024 race, the more Trump seems like one of us - just another guy being kicked around by the government.

The legislative nastiness the Democrats are hurriedly passing through Congress, with the Inflation Reduction Act, is hardly well named. As usual, the name is the exact opposite of the bill’s results. There was one move they made that may increase tax receipts. You know, the IRS did not need all those agents to audit the wealthy! No, those agents will be out and about relentlessly scrutinizing the middle class. You see, there are only something like 700-plus billionaires in the United States. Taking every penny they had would hardly pay the expenses of running this government for a day! No, it is in the very large middle class where the true money lies. And so, my friend, get ready to be going through your records looking for that five-year-old box you were keeping of your receipts. I think Senator Joe Manchin had best be preparing to be plain old Joe Manchin before long. His willingness to sign off on this bill should be the final straw on the camel’s back! Surely his faithful constituents, in West Virginia, are going to see this as an act of betrayal. Oh, and remember Lois Lerner? She is of the IRS fame that audited and persecuted conservatives? Well, expect that exact treatment coming soon to…you?

Finally, a final word on the results from last night’s primaries. One of the commentators remarked about ending the McCain stranglehold on Arizona politics. Slowly, and with Trump’s help, many states are finally seeing their state party embrace a more inclusive and conservative message. How about Tennessee?

In many ways, our state party remains in the hands of operatives from the Lamar Alexander/ Bob Corker barely conservative wing of the party. It is past time the state of Tennessee reflects the conservative views of its citizens by electing conservative senators and congressmen to represent us. Do you remember last year what Rand Paul said in supporting Dr. Manni Sethi? Well, here it is: “It’s about time the conservative people of Tennessee had conservatives serving them in Washington that reflects their conservative values.”

I think he’s right! Until next week…    


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