Letter to the chairman of the joint chiefs

Conservative Commentary


 General Mark A. Milley

Chairman of U.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff

9999 Joint Staff PENTAGON

Washington, D.C. 20318-9999


I am sending you a copy of a recently published two-part Opinion Article which I authored.  It is critical of you, and deservedly so.  Your performance during the recent House Armed Services Budget Committee meeting established the fact that you are not a soldier’s soldier like Generals Dwight Eisenhower,, Norman Schwarzkopf, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Creighton Abrams and/or  Admirals Chester Nimitz and William “Bull” Halsey.

You and other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have forgotten something very important.  Your allegiance is not to the various politically appointed secretaries above you.  Your required allegiance is to “We the People!”  All of you work for us.  And, it is time we the people make our amalgamated authority felt in the removal of you and all other officers who want to play politics instead of ensuring the readiness of our national military forces to defend the American people and our homeland.

One of the worst things a military officer can do is get involved in politics and derive financial gain from such relationships.  There is a strong belief that you and some of your colleagues are endangering the integrity of the readiness, capabilities, and camaraderie of our military forces.  I know that you are aware of how dangerous a free fire military battlefield is, but you don’t seem to comprehend just how dangerous backroom politics, the dangling high-dollar money carrots of unscrupulous lobbyists, and the entrapment techniques of foreign entities can be. Your knowing involvement in the indoctrination of our troops with Marxist propaganda like Critical Race Theory and Woke foolishness sows discord in the ranks and amounts to “aiding and abetting our enemies.”  That qualifies as treason and warrants a court martial.

If your self-serving remarks to the House Committee in June were not bad enough, your decisions/actions/advice related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan warrant a demotion in rank and forced retirement.  Even a new graduate from West Point knows that in a withdrawal situation the United States Military:

  1. DOES NOT Leave weapons behind for the enemy to make use of, especially aircraft, drones, artillery pieces, tanks, trucks, store houses of    weapons,  ammunition, bombs. night vision equipment, maps and sensitive files.
  2. DOES NOT leave air base runways in usable condition.

    3.  DOES NOT abandon their friends and allies on the battlefield.

  1. DOES NOT leave thousands of American citizens and green card holder to the mercy of the enemy.
  2. DOES NOT leave the American Embassy, it’s ambassador, the embassy staff and Marine Corps Security Guards in Harm’s way.

And, that new West Point graduate knows that the United States Military

   6. DOES NOT leave the battlefield first. 

If you think that I believe I can do a better job than you, then you’re right.  There are numerous differences between us.  For instance, I would be on the ground in Kabul with my soldiers, sailors, and airmen and personally in command.

Why do you think the soldiers in World War II would fight for General George Patton and General Douglas MacArthur?  It was because these two generals could often be found at the front lines with their troops.  You don’t need reports from the front lines when you are there.

International respect for the United States and our military has never been lower.   I don’t blame you as much as I do Joe Biden.  But it is the duty of a subordinate officer to relieve a commanding officer when it is evident that the commanding officer is incompetent, irrational, has a mental disability and/or his deficiency unnecessarily and clearly endangers the lives of others.  Did it ever occur to you that Joe Biden, as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military is subject, not only to impeachment, but a court marital?  So say we the people!  

God Bless America!

Jerry W. Jones, CIA Ret.


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  • RayinPa

    I agree with most of this opinion except the last paragraph even though when written Milley’s treason was not yet known. The CJCS has no authority to command troops of any service in the field and absolutely no right, duty, authority or power to relieve the commander in chief of his duties, as it is now alleged he did in the final days of the Trump administration.

    Friday, September 17, 2021 Report this