Living sacrifice for God

Abundant Grace Church


In modern times, people have negated Christianity to having an appearance of God but denying Him to have access or His power within their lives (2 Timothy 3:5).  For many people, this looks like attending an hour-long service one time a week, if that. 

To accommodate these people, some churches have compromised the standard of God to reflect the current culture so much that churches now look more like night clubs or social gatherings rather than holy houses of God.  This expectation of church could not be further from the truth or the design God established for His people.  Dark lighting, snacks, drinks, and an atmosphere of comfort (2 Timothy 3:2-4) have replaced prayer, fellowship, taking notes, submission to leaders, the ministry of helps, and knowing God personally. 

Having the appearance of the world does not save people’s souls; the Gospel of Jesus Christ saves souls.  A biblical Christian is the temple of the Holy Ghost and does not belong to themselves but is bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).  Biblical Christian?  Yes, a person that declares Jesus is their savior AND lives their life according to the Word of God, not in the manner they desire to live their life.  Being bought with a price reflects Jesus Christ laying down His life as the Supreme Sacrifice for mankind’s sin.  Every person has this gift of God offered to them, but it is a choice to receive this gift or not (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Deuteronomy 30:15).  The important part of being a true Christian is to live as Jesus Christ lived giving glory and honor to God. 

Many things in life attempt to get the attention of those desiring to have a relationship with God.  If a distraction can create a division between that person and God, the relationship will not grow or have the impact as God desires.  Every Christian should be a living sacrifice and renew their mind to the things and will of God (Romans 12:1-2).  To be a living sacrifice does not mean to die on an altar physically but to lay down one’s life in complete surrender to God.  This includes turning away from sin, giving time to God, doing whatever He says (through the Word and direction), and staying in an active relationship with God every day. 

Jesus also described that living for Him includes denying oneself, taking up one’s cross, and following Him (Luke 9:23).  Denying oneself is sacrificing the desires of the flesh or sinful nature to pursue God.  This action should be done daily (1 Corinthians 15:31, Galatians 2:20).  When a person chooses to be a living sacrifice unto God and resist the devil there is protection and blessing (James 4:7).  Christians are to not love the world (1 John 2:15).  The word world here does not mean the planet earth but the sinful nature, the cares of this life, and the things the world offers that distract or oppose a walk with God.  When the things of life become a distraction to walking with God this displays a Christian not laying their life on the altar of God as a living sacrifice.  Can a Christian have hobbies and be involved in things?  Absolutely, but nothing should be placed above God or living a life as a sacrifice for God.  As Christians lay themselves on His altar, things that are approved by God to keep are not burned up.  A sacrifice does not get to choose how it is used but is completely dedicated to God for His glory.  Are you a living sacrifice for God?


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