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 A great big good morning to all of you! Once again, we have had a news-filled week, so let’s get started.

The CDC has finally upgraded its guidance on the Chinese virus. Just last week, the CDC finally admitted a number of things as follows: You can get immunity from having had a COVID infection, social distancing is not an effective way to slow or stop the spread of COVID. When it comes to who might transmit COVID, the vaccinated are no more or less likely than the unvaccinated to spread COVID. Finally, the CDC, with the support of the Biden White House, allowed Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers chief, to craft school-opening policies that forced classrooms across the country to remain closed in winter 2021.  How could an agency that is supposed to base its guidance on scientific fact have allowed a political group to influence its guidance? And there is much, much more. But let’s look at some other groups that have lost credibility.

As Joe Biden, acting as president of the United States, continues to act in ways that make us all worry about his mental health, I ask you this question. Why did all these Democrats, who were in touch with Joe Biden and his campaign, allow a man that was clearly unfit to hold office run for president of the United States? We all know that if Joe can’t keep it together at carefully crafted events that he practiced over and over again, he certainly couldn’t have been keeping all that hidden as he met with various party leaders. What is/was their role in hiding Joe’s vulnerabilities?

This last week - the FBI, the nation’s premiere law enforcement agency, executed a raid on the house of a former president of the United States to retrieve documents in his possession. The facts released since that raid have clearly shown that the president had fully cooperated with the FBI and the governmental agency in charge of record keeping. So, if they needed more documents, why hadn’t they simply asked for them? Furthermore, how is it possible that the government desperately needed these documents and hasn’t noticed they needed them over the last several months or so since President Trump left the White House?

I could go on and on listing various governmental positions that have been taken over the past two years, and I bet you could also. Yet we hear Democrats bemoaning the fact that these governmental agencies are no longer considered the absolute authority of facts in their various fields. Who can forget President Trump constantly warning that the cure for the Chinese virus could not be more damaging that the disease? Yet, once he was out of office, it seemed that the government could not wait to get its hands on the controls of every facet of society to damage or control every move we made.

As this latest release from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shows, this governmental body was far behind what the rest of us knew instinctively.  For example, once our body has successfully fought off COVID, who but a governmental agency would not agree that the production of antibodies the victorious battle over the disease produced was the same process through which the vaccines worked. If antibodies created by the body’s response to the COVID inoculation gave immunity, isn’t your body fighting off COVID on its own also producing these antibodies? Of course, it is! So why has it taken two years for the CDC to discover this seemingly basic fact? Could it be that the CDC was part of the push to get as many of these shots in as many arms as possible, whether they were given to someone who really needed them or not? And if the COVID treatment was not needed yet, the government still wanted Americans to take this unneeded shot; were there other reasons the government wanted shots in arms?

So why would any thinking person trust these governmental bodies? The fact of the matter is that our national  government is largely out of the control of we the people. And getting control back from them will not be easy. This coming weekend at www.frankspeech.com there is a complete breakdown of all we know about voting machine tampering and how we need to move forward. This long show is playing on both Saturday and Sunday. Check the site for times, etc. If you have noticed a newfound contempt for voters coming from elected officials, it may be because they know who counts the votes! Be informed, watch these presentations! Until next week…          


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