Minute with the Mayor



Can you explain the process that takes place when some streets are shut down?  There are times when the closing creates a problem for drivers in the city.


We do not ever want to just close or shut down a road.  There are several times that we must have a  temporary shutdown and limit traffic.  Sometimes the shutdown is scheduled for special events, such as parades and various activities around the square, such as the Sock Hop and the Liberty Square Celebration.  Road repair and construction are reasons that create a temporary road closure. 

Tennessee Department of Transportation has the authority to shut down roads for repair.  TDOT had to close one side of Bockman Way near the bridge so they could clean out the debris that had built up and was constricting the river water flow. 

Just yesterday we had to shut down part of Mayberry Street due to a semi-truck with a tall load striking the railroad crossing bridge.  The accident created an unsafe roadway that needed a cleanup and a bridge inspection to make sure it was safe to travel the road.

The city does not wish to close roads unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.  The safety of our workers and our citizens is a main factor in times that it is needed.  I will do my best to keep the public informed if and when a road is going to be closed.     


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