Minute with the Mayor

Letter to WCHS graduates


White County High School will be holding its annual graduation commencement services on Monday, May 15, at Warrior Stadium, weather permitting. 

I would like to take this time to thank all the graduates that have been diligent to finish the task.  A former colleague of mine once told me that people are put into two categories of construction work, no matter what profession they are working in.

The first category is framers.  A framer in the building process comes in, begins the work, can frame the project up, and then work to pass the job onto the next category of worker.

The second category is the finishers.  These are those that come in after the framers have completed their role in the building process, and the finishers begin the very slow and tedious process of “finishing the task.” 

They install the molding, the trim work, and the final touches on what will one day be someone’s home.  The finishers often must “cover up” the framer’s mistakes.  A good finisher becomes great in the eyes of the new homeowner as they finish the project.

Rare is it that you find a framer and a finisher all in one person.  A framer starts tasks but never finishes, a framer has great ideas but never follows through to the end with tasks, and a framer has no problem starting a task but often never finishes. 

My challenge to our graduates: Strive to become a framer and a finisher in all that you do.  If you commit to higher education, strive to finish what you started.  If you commit to a company that is willing to hire you, then give them an honest day’s work and finish the task.  If you commit to the military to serve our country, then complete the oath you have taken to defend and protect the Constitution of this great land we call America.  If you commit to a spouse, then commit to them and hold sacred the vows you take in the wedding ceremony.  If you have children, commit to being a dedicated and loving mom or dad and finish the years in that role. 

Rare is it that you find a framer and a finisher in one person.  Graduates, a simple piece of advice from this old man they call the mayor of Sparta:  FINISH STRONG.        


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