Minute with the Mayor



Can you explain the food truck regulations for use inside the city limits?


First off, let me say that no mayor or board of alderman have been more pro-food trucks that this administration.  We have lowered the fee to set up and have designated areas on city property that a food truck unit may set up to do business. 

The mobile food units are a great addition to the community, however, there must be some wisdom in setting the regulations.  Most communities across the state have mobile food unit (MFU) ordinances that the MFU must adhere to while operating within the city limits.

As the current ordinance reads:

  • The MFU must be self-contained. Another section of the code says that the MFU must be self-contained and not pull power from the public right of way.
  • The MFU must not set up to do business within 250 of an existing restaurant. If within 250 feet, the MFU must get permission from the other business to operate.

As of this moment in time, we must go by the written ordinance as it is stated.  I do think that we, as a governing body, must look at the way these are written and make any changes that would clear up some issues that may arise.

As mayor, I will be bringing up the discussion as to how the board of aldermen can make this better for our community.   I will also add that 99 percent of the mobile food venders have been very happy and thankful to have the opportunity to set up in the city of Sparta and follow the guidelines for setting up in our city. 

Do I think we have the perfect system? Absolutely not. However, we (mayor and board of aldermen) will be taking input from the public and in discussions on how to make this policy better for our community as a whole.

Finish strong, and be safe out there.      


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