Minute with the Mayor


 Update on projects that are scheduled for the city of Sparta:

Spring Street Sidewalk Project 

You may have noticed along North Spring Street some symbols that have been painted and marked on the street and curbs.  Those are the survey markers that have taken place in preparation for the work that will be done in the future.  We do not have a start date from the Tennessee Department of Transportation. 

ADA Access Points on Gaines Street.  There are several curbs that enter crosswalks that are not accessible with a wheelchair or stroller, and the city is going to cut those curb sections out and make those street crossings accessible for all to safely move up and down Gaines Street.

Handrails on Bockman Way 

The handrail construction is completed and installation of those handrails has been done.  This should help in moving up and down the steps along Bockman Way.

Sparta’s Splash Pad and Playground

The city is waiting on a request for qualifications from a company with bids on the cost of their services to design and put specifications on the construction of the project.  The project seems to be moving slowly, however, the process to get to the actual building and construction takes some time.  There is no date set for opening, but we would love to be opened by late summer of 2024.

There are several projects that continue to demand time and attention.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the business of the city.

Be safe out there, and FINISH STRONG.    


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