Omarova: a communist-influenced comptroller?

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 Joe Biden and the Socialist/Marxist Democrat Party (SMDP) continue with their demented effort to destroy our Constitution-based Federal Republic and ultimately replace it with the most failed form of government in the history of   mankind.  That, of course, would be Communism, which is generally preceded by Socialism/Marxism. 

They now believe they have successfully propagandized a sufficient portion of the American people to the point that they can now be more open in their self-serving quest to create an all-powerful central government that dominates the American people.  The latter (we the people) will become a nationwide sub-servant peasant class, which are to be herded and  controlled at the state and local levels by officials appointed by the Central Government.

The latest proof of the SMDP’s brazen efforts to create a controlling central government is Joe Biden’s nomination of Saule Omarova for the important position of Comptroller of the Currency in the U.S. Treasury.  I refer to this woman as “Satan’s Comptroller.”  I have good reason for doing so. She was born in one of the Republics of the former Soviet Union.  She studied philosophy at Moscow State University (MSU), where she was awarded an I.V. Lenin Scholarship for academic excellence.  It was there that she wrote her thesis on Marxism.  There is no doubt that Comrade Omarova is a hardcore Marxist.  The fact that she is a Cornell Law School professor provides additional credence to her Marxism as the Ivy League schools are noted for their left-leaning professorial staff. 

Not only does she have an MSU philosophy degree, she has a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin.  She was there as an exchange student when the USSR came apart.  She never went home.

She has refused to provide a requested copy of her Marxist thesis to the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, which is considering her nomination to be the next Comptroller of Currency at the Treasury Department.  In concert with Omarova’s refusal to provided her thesis on Marxism to the noted U.S. Senate committee considering her treasury department nomination, Moscow State University announced it has destroyed all copies of Comrade Omarova’s pro-Marxist thesis. That, alone, is reason enough to disqualify her nomination.  She is exactly the kind of “hate America” individuals that the SMDP wants and needs in significantly important positions in the U.S. government to succeed in subduing our country.

  Omarova has already made it known that she wants to radically restructure our nationwide banking system.  Rob Nichols, the President and CEO of the American Bankers Association (ABA), is avidly opposed to Omarova’s radical restructuring plans.  He notes that our banking system “remains the most diverse and competitive in the world.”  In other words, there is no reason to change it.

I extracted the following comments from a Nov. 17, 2021 Breitbart Business Digest and authored by Alex Marlow and John Carney.  I wanted you to have the benefit of their direct and insightful quotes that oppose Omarova’s nomination.

Quote One:  “The main evidence against Comrade Omarova is a law review article she published this year ... in which she argues that ALL bank deposits should be forcibly transferred to Fed Accounts at the Federal Reserve.  This would not only destroy the integrity of your checking and savings accounts, it would instantly wipe out nearly all American Banks.  Community banks, which are most dependent on deposits funding, would be vaporized.”

Quote Two:  “The Fed would be transformed into the main source of credit in the United States. Banks without deposits would quit making loans to businesses and homeowners.  Your mortgage would be a Fed mortgage. Your small business loan would be a Fed loan.” 

In true Marxist form, Comrade Omarova is playing her sympathy card in an effort to counter opposition to her nomination.  She said, “I am an easy target: an immigrant, a woman, a minority.”  Then why doesn’t she provide a copy of her thesis on Marxism requested by the U.S. Senate committee considering her nomination.  The obvious answer is that the thesis would derail her nomination. 

If you have any pangs of sympathy for Comrade Omarova, I suggest you  consider the fact that she has publicly stated she wants to bankrupt the oil and gas industry.   My question is “and replace it with what?”

God Bless America!   

--Jerry Jones is CIA retired and a native of Sparta.


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