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 Let us start at the beginning. After we won the war against Great Britain, Americans suddenly found themselves without a government. The articles of the Confederacy were just a loose agreement on fighting the war with Britain. They were completely inadequate for running a government. So, our forefathers all got together over months of wrangling and writing and, as we discovered with our Bill of Rights, amending our laws of governance.

Properly thought, our forefathers recognized the need for civilization that a government provides. Schools, roads, coordination between the states, money and the like. But our forefathers in their unread and untutored wisdom, earned by listening to the complaints of their relatives back in Europe, knew that government too powerful will always, sooner or later, abuse that power.

They drew the lines in the sand of our government and said, “You can go this far and no further into our lives and property without impinging on my God given right to be free and my constitutional rights!” Their wisdom has never been more obvious than of late. When we see politicized agents of government power acting in concert to help and refusing to prosecute members of the Democrat Party. With the Democrats’ recent inroads into the armed forces, one must conclude the two-party system and democracy as we have known it is in danger of slipping away. 

Remember our forefathers voted for the literal meanings of our constitution. What could be more clear than, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged?”

We only have a constitutional government if we require one of our leaders. We only get control back of our federal judiciary by impeaching some of these “employed for life” politicians pretending to be judges! Want to think of another example of the toothlessness of our federal judiciary? When the Judge refused to drop charges against Michael Flynn and instead hired a private lawyer and assigned government federal judges to submit the case of why the Michael Flynn case should not be dismissed, that was clear violation of the Constitution. The Constitution says only the executive branch, in this case the federal prosecutor, could file charges! But this judge’s decision to do all of this, in the face of clear Constitutional violation, came close to prevailing.

I ask you again, do we have a Constitutional Republic?

We have seen it time and time again. Unequal application of our laws. Over and over we saw President Obama and his allies, skirt the very edges of Constitutional law. After we had all moved on, the truth of the whole scandal involving the shipment of arms into Mexico was definitely concealed from investigation and tied up in frivolous claims of privilege to move the actual outcome of the charges until after he left the presidency. So no bad words or accountability for President Obama!

President Biden has his Supreme Court Packing Panel meeting as the Supreme Court gets ready to publish their findings on this year’s cases. Don’t you think that puts some pressure on the justices? Of course it does, and it was meant to.

In all things, remember what President Roosevelt said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

What is a citizen to do? I believe it was in January last year when it became obvious that no court in the land was even going to hear the evidence in a case on the constitutionality of the changes in voting laws illegally made. No one wanted to touch it. It is called letting your country and your countrymen down. Everywhere you hear the excuses of a corrupt government covered for by a corrupt media. Some conservatives asked President Trump what there was to do about the direction things were headed. I forget who it was but they said to President Trump, “The people of this country will not stand for this!”

President Trump responded by saying it looked to him as if the American people were standing it just fine. Not an exact quote but pretty close. We all owe President Trump and this country an awful lot. We have been standing for some things our forefathers - forget the founders - the World War II soldiers wouldn’t have. But soon it will be time again to vote! Do we really want to die and leave our country in this mess? Here are some suggestions that most will ignore. But believe me, politicians are sensitive to input from voters. They don’t like being held to account. Have we written our senior senator, Marsha Blackburn, to ask why she accepted the tainted results of the Arizona and Georgia elections? Phil Valentine said she told him and the listeners it was “hard to vote” that way because it looked like you were in sympathy with the “insurrection.”

And as well as writing to her, let us drop this into the coffee house discussions. All the investigation of the “ insurrectionists” have not found a single weapon carried into the House. Are we to believe 125 or so rag tag bunch of poorly organized, unarmed people were going to “seize power” in the United States? I read some hysterical account today that said the plans were to “storm the capitol and hold the politicians hostage.”

How do you hold people hostage that have armed security and you have the cool looking hat with the horns? Were they gonna threaten to tickle a politician to death if he wasn’t ransomed?

We cannot let these obvious falsehoods be told in our presence. The first ever unarmed insurrection! Call people on it!

We need to write both federal state and local people. They need our feedback and most are good people that try their best to make good decisions for us. Let’s help them help us!

Have you signed up for Trump’s emails at “from the desk of Donald Trump?” It is free and helps show our power! Are you sending any money to Trump and his “WinRed” operation? Imagine the reaction if all 75 million of us signed out of Twitter, canceled our Facebook accounts, canceled our account with Amazon, and sent Trump $10! We are far from powerless, but we need to use it in an organized fashion. To be organized, we need to hear; to hear, we need to start with President Trump. And we need to support him financially. Sadly, our government is going to try and ruin him personally. Just a further erosion of individual rights! We must fight, and we must know we can win. And when I say fight, I mean the war of information and coordination! (No physical violence!) Until next week…Keep the faith!


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