Recreational Complex offers numerous sports opportunities

Expansion of future sports possible at facility


White County Recreational Complex, at 4201 Smithville Highway, has baseball, softball, and football facilities, but there is more in the works right now and talk of possibilities for the future.

White County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said that frisbee golf and a cross-country course are coming soon to the complex. There has been talk of adding an archery range and possibly a “clubhouse-like” building with restrooms and changing areas for athletes.

The cross-country course is already being utilized and evaluated. White County Middle School and White County High School have growing cross-country programs. Besides providing a high-quality course to practice on, the course at the complex will allow the county to host cross-country events in the future. As interest in cross-country grows, the county must provide these athletes with a course and practice area that honors their commitment and hard work.

Frisbee golf, more appropriately called disc golf, is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. The cost to start playing disc golf is relatively low compared to many other sports. It doesn’t require special shoes or clothing; the only equipment needed is a disc. The average cost of a disc is about $15. Most disc golf courses are free to play. A disc golf course at the recreational complex will draw players from the surrounding area.

County Commissioner Larry Daniels expressed to Steering Committee A, on July 3, his interest in having an archery range at the recreational complex. Daniels called Archery Shooters Association director Jerry Sheehan, who explained that an ASA Club would need to be formed by the community to be ASA certified and host tournaments. Archery has been popular in White County for a long time, and student-athletes have excelled consistently in competitions. An archery range would be another big draw for the recreational complex and a show of support for the excellent student archers.

Robinson said he would like a “clubhouse-like” building at the complex. Robinson said the building could provide bathrooms and areas for athletes to change.

The White County Recreational Complex is full of potential and could draw visitors from all over Middle Tennessee. The county is poised to take advantage of the possibilities.   


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