Reflection and revolution-Part II

Conservative Commentary


 Part I of my comments on the above-noted subject matter dealt with the importance of revisiting our past and the treasure trove of memories that we the people need to reflect on in search of solutions for the very serious problems we now face as a country.  Lessons of the past, when studied and adjusted for the needs of today, will determine our future.   

Part II of the above-noted subject matter deals with revolution.  The word revolution and how it is used lends itself to varying definitions. For instance, the word revolution in its plural state applies to the notable circular movement/orbit of celestial bodies like the sun and the stars.  Revolution is also defined as a sudden  and grand movement or achievement like the sudden introduction of a car that runs on tap water; i.e. that would be a revolutionary achievement.

Perhaps the more familiar definition of the word revolution is “a successful attempt by a large group of people to change the political system of their country by force.”  It is this latter definition that should be of concern to all of us - not because of what might happen but because the hostile revolution to take over the USA and change it into a non-Christian Socialist/Communist country is already underway.

Who makes up the action arm of this ongoing anti-American revolution in our country?  It would seem to be brainwashed  cadre from the Socialist Democrat Party, along with Black Lives Matter (BLM), which has been exposed as a totally Marxist organization, and antifa, another European-spawned terrorist group based in Portland, Oregon. The primary perpetrators are the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP). They, of course, are supported and protected by the fake news media, the big tech companies like Google and Facebook, large corporations like Amazon and Disney, the large banks, indoctrinated members of teachers’ unions, propagandizing college professors, etc.  If all else fails, the questionable leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice, and tainted judges are there to lend a helping hand back to the streets.

Never in the 245 years of its existence has the United States of America been in such immediate danger.  Our arch enemies - China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria and the Socialist Democrat Party of America - know that right now is the perfect time to destroy us as a country and a free people.  It is only our nuclear capability and our President Donald Trump-modernized military that holds them at bay and keeps us safe.

With the SDP revolution already underway, growing bolder and attacking our unity and pro-American resolve each day, the time is rapidly approaching where some momentous decisions by we the people must be considered and acted on. We are in a situation where there is no room for fence-sitters or pacifists.  In that regard, I draw your attention to this old saying I picked up in Asia, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.” Fence-sitters are comparable to battleground grass.

If we the people win the 2022 and 2024 elections, the crisis of Socialism should be over.  In the meantime, the crucial question is: “Given the insanity we have seen from Biden in just five months, can we wait that long to vote him into obscurity?”

Remember that the most important history book ever written is  the Bible.  It not only looks back, it also looks to the future.  That is what I am asking of you.  Look back, learn, and be prepared  for the future.  

God Bless America and Israel, and expose our enemies!    

--Jerry Jones is CIA retired and a native of Sparta.


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