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 A great big good morning to all, and let’s get right to work!

This past week has seen the first-ever pandemic-inspired political convention. It is hard to understand why the Democrats could not better stage this event that is meant to showcase their candidates for the top job in the nation. Surely, they could have staged a live studio, filled with Democrat supporters properly spaced and masked, reacting in real time to the candidate’s speeches. What were they afraid of? Was Joe Biden’s speech taped and re-taped until it was perfect? That is the only reason I can see they would have had such a sterile environment to whip up excitement for their candidate.

The first night’s speeches were all about racial prejudice and unity. I, for one, had to wonder why they chose an actress to emcee their first night of speeches. Eva Longoria, whose fame comes from her work on “Desperate Housewives,” seemed a bit of a strange choice for the person introducing and presenting the night’s speeches. If you are attempting to underline the seriousness of your cause, does choosing an actress as emcee help you?

Another thing that seemed odd to me (then and now) is they kept bringing up - over and over - systemic racism. Systemic racism doesn’t refer to the occasional crazy person with prejudices. Systemic racism is where an entire system has racism as its goal. How many of us have ever been hired by a business, and, when we are going through the company training program, we are told to discriminate against certain races? For systemic racism to exist, it must be introduced to the workplace and ordered by the supervisors. I would ask again, how many people went through orientation for a new job and were told that the company discriminates against certain races? Speaking for myself, I have never had such an orientation. And I cannot imagine a company that did something like that would be in business for very long.  My point: Is racism by the occasional “kook” a problem or at least present in our country? I think we can all say “yes,” that we have observed or worked with folks that were racist. But systemic racism??? I don’t think so!

This is what makes it so hard for me to understand how the Democrat Party can talk about unity and racism in the same sentence on the same night with the same people as the ones that declare America is a racist country with systemic racism that must be abolished. How can we come together as people of one nation if we are told many of us hate the others of us because of the color of their skin? For example, how many times have we heard Democrats talk about Donald Trump as “orange man?” Why is it perfectly fine to make fun of his skin color but not anyone else’s? Or are these Democrats that refer to Trump as “orange man” revealing something to us about their true feelings regarding skin color?

Andrew Cuomo spoke of many things in his time at the microphone. Among others, he said this, “We did it with the kindness and assistance of so many. New Yorkers want to thank everyone who came to our aid, 30,000 Americans who volunteered to come here to help in our hour of need. Your love gave us the strength to carry on. We went through hell, but we’ve learned much.”

Do we remember it was the governor of New York – this very same man that claims to owe so much to these folks that came and helped – this is the same guy that announced all that came and helped would be liable to pay New York income taxes on what little money they earned while they were in New York “helping.” This is the same governor who required retirement centers to accept Chinese virus patients back from the hospital into their facilities, even while the governor knew full well these retirement homes in many cases did not have the space, ventilation systems, or the training required to take care of such desperately ill people! And now the Democrats want to make him some kind of Chinese virus super hero? I don’t think so!

Oh, but Gov. Cuomo was not through displaying his ignorance for all of us to see! Read this whopper of a quote:

“The European virus infected the Northeast while the White House was still fixated on China. The virus had been attacking us for months before they even knew it was here. We saw the failure of a government that tried to deny the virus then tried to ignore it and then try to politicize it. The failed federal government that watched New York get ambushed by their negligence and then watched New York suffer, but all through it learned absolutely nothing.”

Is this the same government that built Cuomo hospitals and brought Cuomo a whole ship he didn’t use? Why didn’t this caring governor put the COVID-positive patients from the retirement homes in these new clean facilities provided by the federal government he now wants to complain about? Oh, and did you notice, he transplanted the virus to Europe? He said the “European virus” infected the northeast while Trump ignored it. But Trump was the one that shut down the borders with China and saved hundreds of thousands of lives! It was mayor De Blasio who ignored it, inviting people to come out and party!

So you see, in just the first few speakers of the first night, it has taken a thousand words to document the lies of the Democrats. And they call Donald Trump a liar? I can only wish for more time and space, but I think we can all agree on one thing. A kind and caring man would not hold a convention where speakers openly lied about our nation. All of these testimonies about the honesty and caring qualities of Joe Biden. Really? Honest Joe Biden repeated the lie about Trump calling the skin heads and Nazi’s “good people,” knowing full well he was lying! When I look at what was said and done at this convention, it serves as an indictment in my mind of all the wonderful things said about Joe. If Joe were half as wonderful and decent as advertised, he would not have lied about this country that has given him so much. Do we need to see and hear any more at this point?

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