Socialist Democrat Party is in a panic mode

Jerry Jones (CIA retired and Sparta native)


 With under two months to go before the presidential election, on Nov. 3, 2020, and their candidate, Joe “Am I Alive” Biden, falling in the national polls, the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP) and the National Fake News Media (NFNM) have pushed the panic button. For the first four-year term of  Donald Trump’s presidency, they have done nothing but try to undermine, on a grand scale, everything he has accomplished, and remove him from office. They failed.  They have made little or no effort to work with President Trump and their Republican counterparts in Congress.

This notwithstanding, President Trump has accomplished more in his first four-year term than any of our preceding 44 presidents.  And, the fact that he has had to battle the SDP and NFNM all the way makes his achievements even more remarkable.  What fuels their seething dislike of him even more is the fact he is not a career politician. He has put their profession in jeopardy by proving that one does not have to be a career politician to be the president of the United States.

The SDP and the NFNM have reached the point where they are not trying to give any level of credence to their lies about the president; you are supposed to accept what they say at face value.  One of the latest lies they are promoting appeared in Atlantic Magazine and is alleged to have come from anonymous sources, who they describe as “four people with firsthand knowledge.” That can mean a variety of things; e.g.  they know the sources and do not want to identify them; they do not know the sources and did not check the validity of the information; there are no sources, and the information is totally false.  Most likely the latter.  The deceptive wording used to describe their unnamed sources is configured to lend a tone of legitimacy to what they print/report. 

Of course, other NFNM outlets (ABC, CBS NBC, MSNNBC, CNN, The New Times, etc.) picked up the story and cite their source as Atlantic Magazine.  This is turn, gives them their own (false) tone of legitimacy in relaying the story to the general public.  To help you assess Atlantic Magazine, it is a  left- leaning, pro-Democrat periodical based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The offending, poorly-sourced, and highly-opinionated Atlantic Magazine article claims that during a 2018 visit to France, President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the World War I Asine-Marne American cemetery because of rain.  The article claims that in a staff meeting on the planned visit to the cemetery the president said, “Why should I go to that cemetery?  It’s filled with losers.”  The article also claims that in a separate conversation on the same trip, the president referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lies in Belleau Woods as “suckers.” This is just the opposite of the president’s well known pro-military views.  And, for the record these alleged statements were previously debunked, in 2018.

In fact, John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, said he was present in the room when the president is alleged to have made those comments.  Ambassador Bolton, who is not a friend of the president, said he did not hear the president say those things.  And the head of the president’s Secret Service detail at the time also said he, too, was present and that the president did not make any such comments.

In modern times, I have never known a president who cares about the military services as much as Donald Trump.  When he inherited them after eight years of neglect during the Obama-Biden tenure, the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and the National Guard, were under-gunned, using outdated equipment and were underfunded. Under his administration, they are now the best armed, best trained, and most modern military services in the world.  And, as far as military veterans go, Donald Trump has reinvented the Veterans Administration and their hospitals.  Veterans are now getting the attention and treatment they need on a timely basis.  There have been many testimonials to this fact.

So why are the SDP, NFNM and Atlantic Magazine bringing this debunked story up again?  I have answered this question before, but I will repeat it.     It is a timeworn tactic.  The more you tell and repeat the same lie(s), and the more outrageous the lie(s), the more apt people will begin to believe it.  That is a human phenomenon.  And, if the NFNM outlets have to retract a story, weeks or months will have passed, and it will be buried somewhere on or near the back page or offered in a time slot when most people aren’t watching/listening to TV/radio.

And, now the SDP and the NFNM are trying to blame the protests, riots. violence, anarchy in cities like Spokane, Portland, Kenosha, Minneapolis, New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. on President Trump.  There are certain things that tie these cities together in a SDP plot.  All of these cities  have been under SDP control for years.  The all have Socialist Democrat mayors, and they are in states that have Socialist Democrat governors.

They all have the same game plan.  They have been asked by the SDP to  sacrifice their cities and/or states  as part of the effort to blame Trump and hurt his chances of re-election.  They have refused federal help, with only a couple of recent exceptions.  The problem is that the violence has gotten out of hand, and people are beginning to see that it is not Donald Trump who is the problem, it is their Socialist Democrat mayors and governors who refuse his offer of help.

The SDP has been and continues to divide the country along racial lines.  However, within the past six weeks, more and more black leaders and their voting blocs have begun shifting their support to President Trump.  Donald Trump has done more for the black community than the Obama-Biden administration or any other U.S. president in modern times.  President Johnson’s “great society” scheme flopped big time. The  presidents who have done the most for black Americans are two Republicans: Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

The panic and the hysteria on the part of the SDP will continue to increase as election day approaches, and their lies will be whoppers.  Keep that in mind.  As the old saying goes, “Don’t believe anything you read (except my opinion article) and only half of what you see.”

Vote in person.  If that is not possible, ask for an absentee ballot.  Stay away from the universal mail-in ballots being pushed by the SDP.  They are  highly susceptible to fraud.  That is my opinion.  God Bless America!   


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