STEM students welcomed for summer internship program at USACE


(June 11, 2024) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District kicked off its summer internship program in June 2024, hosting a cohort of 24 talented Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) students from colleges throughout the Southeastern U.S. This program serves as a vital platform for nurturing future talent while offering invaluable hands-on experience in public service.

"These internships give students the opportunity to observe and assist professionals in the work environment, providing context to their academic learning and fostering a deeper appreciation for public service,” said Joanne Traicoff, deputy chief of the Nashville District Construction and Engineering Division.

Traicoff outlined several goals for the interns, including shadowing engineers in their daily activities, attending project site visits, and gaining exposure to various facets of engineering and support functions. She also highlighted the importance of internships in enhancing students' readiness for their future careers, emphasizing the value of real-life application of theoretical knowledge.

"The Corps benefits immensely from 'growing our own' engineers through internships," said Traicoff. "Many students who intern with us are inspired to pursue permanent positions after graduation, contributing to our mission of excellence in engineering."

As the program unfolds, interns Claire Beal from Auburn University and Ashley Urbat from the University of Tennessee offer firsthand perspectives on their experiences and aspirations. Beal, a rising junior, expresses her enthusiasm for contributing to impactful water resource studies, while Urbat, entering her fourth year of study, seeks to gain valuable insights into hydraulic engineering this summer.

Reflecting on the importance of STEM education, Urbat said, "STEM programs are some of the most important fields of study and provide a great path for any younger person interested in science or math. In STEM, job outlooks are great for most fields, and as technology advances, it is important to educate a new generation of students in STEM."

The USACE Nashville District offers a rich array of opportunities for aspiring engineers, scientists, and other support fields fostering a culture of innovation and excellence across various disciplines.


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