"A" honor roll TCAT Crossville


A total of 187 students enrolled at Tennessee College of Applied Technology Crossville were recognized for having an “A” average for the spring term. Transcripts reflect scores in three areas including classroom, shop, and work ethics. 

“We commend our students for their hard work in pursuing studies that will insure a secure and profitable place in the job market.  Our curriculum is occupationally focused and the goal of our instructors is to teach until students have mastered the content.  After all, we are training students for the workforce, and we are very proud of our record of producing well trained graduates to fill the employment needs of the local industrial and business community,” said Cliff Wightman, president.


Administrative Office Technology:  Boyd, Sarah; Cassie Carbone; Jennifer Dannel; Kayla Gray; Aimee Gonzalez; Stephanie Mittenzwey; Madison Peek; Virginia Roys; Alex Slaven; Shannon Tebault; Zoe Wall

Automotive Technology: Ethan Davis; Martinez Guillermo

Building Construction: Patrick Beaty; Kanon Bennett; Patrick Brendel; Joseph Campbell; James Crowe; Logan Dyer; Nathalie Hagerton; Aaron Helton; Laureen Lee; Aaron Welch

Collision Repair: Jacquelyn Beaty; Jocelyn Callaghan; Kelson Cook; Daniel Crawford; Sean Dick; Samuel Garcia; Jordan Gramling; Conor Olsen; Chase Rich; Alex Ritter; Brandon Whittaker

Computer Information: Patrick Allain; Allen Bowles; Jordan Bowles; Jared Brown; Ethan Cole; Michael Crabtree; Tyler Crouch; Kolby Davis; Jeremiah Dinkins;  Brenton Hall; Bryson Houston; Bradley Kersey; Austin King; Matthew McCarthy;  Sean Miller; Cody Parsons; Drake Roberts; Brendyn Sands; Justin Schneidewind; Max Secrest; Eli Smith; LeeAnna Townsend; Bryton Underwood; Zachary Weaver; Caleb Webb; Joseph Whittaker; Caleb Young

Cosmetology: Hannah Burns; Shelby Beaty; Brooklyn Boles; Leigha Gay; Erica Hale; Olyvia Jestice; Victoria San Inocencio; Kaitlyn Shaw; Nick Sturgill; Dwinn Terry; Lexxus Stoker; Madi Williams

Diesel Power Equipment;  Andrew Corvin; Christian Lopez; Dillon Marsh; Christopher Scott; John Thomas

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning: Tiffany Ginder; Jesse Cantrell; Kent Dempsey; Thomas Clifford; Nathan Close; Adam Cole; Jesse Hensley; Cameron Vance; Michael Gill; Scott Malavies; Mark Morris; Elijah Tollett

Industrial Maintenance & Electrical Systems: Alex Bolles; Benjamin Broughton; Amanda Burnham; Zach DeMars; Nathan Dodson; Chase Fleming; Gatlyn LaRue; Bodie Loshbough; Dexavier Major; Patrick McMurray; Garrett Moffitt; Noah Sisco; Andrew Smith; Caden Speich; Christian Thompson

Industrial Maintenance & Electrical Systems evening: Coleman Baker; Sebastian Berndt; Charlie Houston; Victor Martin

 Machine Tool: Max Street; John Prater; Thomas Branch; Ethan Walling; Jonathan Janeway; Randy Maddox

Masonry Technology: Colby Hatfield; Armando Gomez

Power Sports: Shane Blaylock; Austin Brooks; Shawn Adams Krank; Tucker Nash

 Practical Nursing 1: Ginessa Brown; Tabitha Cook; Jessica Hindman; Christy Holderman; Chelsey Jarreau; Callie Morgan; Alora Morris; Michaela Newman; Elisha Phillips; Zaia Rodriguez; Alexis Springs; Christie Warner; Monica Wright

Practical Nursing 2: Sara Alvarez-Torres; Clarissa Brown; Amber Bryant; Briley Davis; Kelli Olivia Edwards; Madison Evans;; Megan Grey; Jessica Hunsucker; Alexis Ibarra; Brittany Johnson; Becky Lawson; Cassandra Lewis; Chasidie Miller; Ezra Miller; Kelley Miller; Angel Potter; Joshua Roysden; Tavannah Roysden

Practical Nursing 3: Amanda Adams; Matthew Bianconi; Carrie Boston; Sarah Brown; Sean Duggan; Katelyn Parker; Savannah Phillips; Sara Shelton; Hannah Tinch; Allison Walker; Johnny Wilson

Surgical Technology: Kelsey McCarter; Bonnie Reed; Brittany Sendejo; Christin Moses; Danielle Weedman

Welding: Dakota Bean; Kyle Carroll; Tucker Christopher; Ethan Foster; Michael Harris; Jayden Lucero; Sarah Martin; Ethan Patterson; Kenneth Pruitt; Courtney Reed Jonathan Thoma; Trevor Tumbarello; Mica Badger; Terry Brewer; Joseph Coffey; Edwin Elser; Bradley Essex; Maria Lopez-Torres; Bryson Owens

Welding evening: Danny Bilyeu; Cody Borders; Gary Brown; Alistair Cockram; Justin Earley; Logan Gwinn; Sabastin Highman; Charles Justice; Chance King; Chad Lambie; Josiah Olsen; Skyler Olsen; William Stamps Hale; Adrian Tays; Alexander Trent; Holly Wyatt

Scholarship Winners: Jordan Bowles; Carlos Galo; Leigha Gay; Shawn Adams Krank; Kaitlyn Shaw; Kelley Miller; Jessica Hunsucker; Matthew Benton; Michael Gill; Brendyn Sands


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