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You know, it has barely been what? Three days since Biden was inaugurated and look at the progress. Just Friday, he announced that he would be “unable to change the trajectory” of the COVID-19 infection pattern. Huh? Didn’t he run (well stumble, barely walk!) saying how much better a Biden administration was going to handle the COVID situation? (Of course he did!) But if you are just now figuring out Democrats are liars, you gotta lot to learn!

And Biden’s old friend, Tedros, of the W.H.O., announced that the nasal swabs used to exaggerate the COVID cases under Trump can no (now that Trump has been defeated) longer be considered accurate, based on the swab alone, because that swab test calls you positive even if you have only one particle of the virus in your nose. It does that by taking that single particle and multiplying by a trillion! So all these tests we have been using all this time are making COVID look much worse than it really is! So, does that mean many of our elderly people we thought died from COVID actually died from old age and pneumonia like they used to before COVID? I do not think we are allowed to ask that question! If they had announced the COVID cases would be coming down rapidly with a new test before the election, who might have prevailed? One thing we can now say. With this new information, COVID cases will decline rapidly! Why did they wait until after the election to “discover” this? You know why!

Let’s quote our old buddy Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat): “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

I am not going to waste more than a line or two here on the Democrats putting the 5,000 National Guard in an unheated parking garage with one battery and one plug for the night. Everybody in D.C. says they do not know who made that happen. That usually means the staffer that did it is a well-connected family member they cannot fire so… But this kind of treatment is very typical of Democrats’ attitudes of contempt toward our armed forces. And I heard an interview of a lady that had been at the capitol four years ago to protest Trump’s inauguration. She had worn her shiny pink hat formed after a body orifice, female in origin. (Is it still legal to say that is female?) She was shocked none of her former protestors were there – said she couldn’t find anyone! Remember the big shouting contest when Trump was inaugurated over who had the biggest crowd - he or Obama? As I said last week, Biden didn’t want to go down in history as the president with the smallest crowd so he forced the National Guard to attend!

Hey, what happened with all the protests that were supposed to be held at every state capitol around the country? Biden now says he is going to keep the National Guard in town perhaps until March! Many wonder if he is trying to provoke an incident by parking them there as a sort of insult to all who might dare to disagree with Lord Biden!?

Speaking of Lord Biden, some government drone this last week announced that the FBI was pursuing “hundreds” of cases against the rioters at the Trump rally in D.C. Is this the same FBI that just couldn’t seem to find any of the protestors filmed tearing down statues and defacing public property all across the nation? How can that be possible? Did the whole force go out and buy new glasses?

And did you notice that FBI director Christopher Wray will be staying on as FBI director? Doesn’t that tell us most everything we need to know about Wray? And boy, wouldn’t you like to know who recommended him to President Trump for that job ? Word has it that back when the FBI was driving Enron into ruin losing thousands of jobs and jailing executives that were ultimately freed after a year along, with a reprimand from the judge in the case, well, our old buddy, Chris Wray, was one of the lawyers working with Mueller and the gang! So, I guess we can understand a lot more about how President Trump could never get any cooperation from the FBI on all the investigations he was asking for! Speaking of the FBI, when Daniel Horowitz was investigating the FBI, did you realize he never received a single tip from any FBI agent? You may remember that Sean Hannity spent hours on the radio and television telling us all how it was just corrupt leadership in the very top echelons that were the problem? I don’t think so. And I didn’t think so while he was saying it. If we were to ever get control of those kind of agencies again, I have heard from retired FBI people the rot reaches at least 75 percent of all agents! I mean, the FBI used 29 agents in full SWAT mode with shotguns, etc., to take out one little old white-haired guy named Roger Stone and his deaf wife! Did anyone hear a peep of complaint from the FBI? It is an incredibly lucky thing the deaf wife was not killed by accident through miscommunication! Can you imagine if that had been a Democrat treated that way? The death penalty would be considered too good for the man that ordered that kind of treatment for a Democrat!

Folks, I have a whole page of notes I will not get to today. Our road ahead seems dark, yet we have been in much more dicey situations. What is happening to us now is, in large part, due to our own inattention to the folks we elected to theoretically serve us. Senator Blackburn will be in Washington shaming or serving us until 2024. If you have not written her, her address is: 357 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510 and her phone is Washington is: (202) 224-3344. If you are feeling helpless and overwhelmed by all that is happening, give her a call, email her, or write her a letter. I can assure you that Senators take it very seriously when they receive large numbers of complains on one subject. So, let her know how you feel! Unfortunately, we will not have a chance to bring her home until 2024 or the next Trump election as we like to call it! Keep the faith, and know we can win this country back to freedom if we keep up the fight! And remember, violence will play right into our enemies’ hands! That is how I know it was not one of us that did the violence and the break-in at the capitol. We do not do that kind of thing in the Republican Party! Good- bye for now, and God bless you, our great nation, and the great state of Tennessee!     


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