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 Good morning, everyone! I hope we all looked at the election meddling presentation put forward by “the pillow man,” Mike Lindel, and understand the peril we are in. For those of you that have not, please visit and roll below the two screens for Lindel TV one and two and you will see a grouping of topics. These were all covered in Mike’s two-day event. I urge you to watch a few of them to understand our current troubles.

The FBI is continuing its attack on President Trump, continuing to claim the president did not comply with their requests for additional documents. In researching this whole issue, it seems that a recurrent theme is that President Trump had his own “stash” of documents. One can guess by the distress of the secret agencies that these documents placed them in a bad light. President Trump declassified a whole lot of classified documents before he left office, yet the documents have never been made public. If you notice in the government filings of the docs Trump had, they don’t say they are classified documents; they say they are documents marked classified. The significance of this could be they are wanting to dodge a long discussion of whether the docs are, in fact, still classified and that is why they described them as marked classified, rather than being classified.

There is wide supposition on two fronts. First, the archives always wants everything. That is why there is a constant back and forth when a president leaves office as the president wants things to go in his library, while the archives wants to have it all. Only with Trump has this become some sort of criminal endeavor because there are no criminal punishments in the Presidential Records Act. Furthermore, after a Clinton case, the Supreme Court held that the president is the sole decision maker on what is personal and what is not.

Secondly, regarding Trump’s “stash” of document, there is a persistent rumor that the president, while in office, built up a personal copy of various papers he planned to declassify, in part because he did not trust the government to publish them once he was gone. That has certainly been proven correct. Perhaps also he just wanted a copy to write his own memoirs by at some point or to publish in his book. Any way you look at it, this is hardly a criminal matter. Hopefully, we can get a speedy verdict to that effect so we can all move on.

Turning to our economy, every economics expert I can find is pointing to a terrible combination of food and energy shortages. The food shortages are mostly the result of weather and the war in Ukraine, while the energy shortages, in many cases, are the results of extremely stupid policies, but, again, the fertilizer shortage is caused by green stupidity. Across Europe, countries have closed off energy exploration and development. Great Britain, which used to produce 68 percent of its own energy domestically, due to fracking bans and other “green” stupidities, is now only 28 percent self-supplied, and other European countries are as bad and worse. With Russia alternately either cutting off the gas lines to Europe or threatening to do so, the entire continent finds itself facing a long, brutal winter. In Germany, energy prices are forecast to be nine times as expensive next spring as they were last spring. Nine times…

These terrible events are going to happen. Unfortunately, years of ignoring their growing dependence on foreign sources of power has made the whole of Europe terribly dependent on outside energy sources and hasn’t done diddly squat to “cool” the planet. But they have surely cooled their own lives! In response to the crisis, the government that caused it is now offering subsidies to help pay the energy bills. But, the government has no money!  And some of our more stupid (err I mean progressive) states, like California, are planning to do the same. And the economic damage all this is causing.

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