The facts speak for themselves with election fraud

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Ladies and gentlemen, as I write this column, I am listening to the election returns from primaries across the nation. Imagine with me, if you would, that the 2022 election returns for the nation are coming in, and we have done nothing to secure our voting process. Who do you think China wants to win those seats? Because, if we don’t do something about our voting system, that is who will be calling the shots. Oh, from the background of course, but nonetheless…

So from a short and unscientific survey of my readers, I am learning very few of you have gone to Frank’s Speech to read the evidence he has for voting interference. So I am going to give you a short explanation of the evidence Mike Lindell has.

Shortly after the final results of the 2020 election were finalized and announced, Mike Lindell was given a copy of internet traffic report. (Keep in mind we are not hitting you with technical jargon, just giving you the short explanation.) This traffic report showed a pattern of communication between polling places in each state and, for the most part, China. Now Mike is not an internet expert. So Mike took  the information he was given and discovered it was absolutely 100 percent proof. I cannot be faked or fudged; it was the real truth! Now, to skip forward to the present, Mike has posted this proof on his Frank Speech website for tech savvy people to examine and refute the evidence. It has been there now for over a month, and absolutely no one has challenged Mike’s proof.

So what happened? According to Mike’s experts, China has programs running in the background on election equipment and has had for some time. The experts start by projecting the course of the election, and they load into their computers the latest list of registered voters. From there, as the vote comes in, there is a ratio that the vote manipulators have installed in the voting machines. This voting ratio steadily puts in votes as the election runs to produce the result the manipulator desires.  Probably, the hidden system uses motor voter names and others that have not voted in the last four elections or so. But when President Trump had such a historic turnout, with folks that had seldom voted before, all of a sudden we started hearing about voters coming to the polls and being told they had already voted. Now think about it, do you accidentally forget you voted and go try to vote again? And dead people? Sure, a few people might get that ballot and decide to cast one last vote for Grandpa. But not thousands of people!

In connection with all this computer manipulation, we know there was generic cheating with the mailed out ballots, and the drop boxes, and all the other things shown in the movie “Two Thousand Mules” and the movie “Rigged.” I find it interesting the way Democrats and their supporters rushed to their word processors to denounce the movies and the idea that election malfeasance had occurred. I think they do protest too much! Don’t you?

Election fraud is not or should not be a Democrat or a Republican thing. Whomever is manipulating these computer voting systems would get rid of a reformer from either party. Besides, we should all want a fair and accurate election.

Start noticing. The media go out of their way, whenever they are forced to comment on the possibility of election fraud - they always say something negative about it. The “unproven” or” fraudulently claimed” are the words they use to frame the issue. So again I encourage you. Go read the information. Watch the movies. Educate yourself. So when the election returns come in this fall, you know you have done your due diligence. We owe it to those heroes sleeping in their neat rows at Arlington Cemetery!      


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