The guilty parties

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 Russia’s military invasion and unprovoked attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine is into its third week.  Having underestimated the strong will of the Ukrainian people to fight for their country, the Russians are way behind in their plan to conquer Ukraine.  The Ukrainian military, augmented by armed civilians and an overall angry populace, continues to put a gallant defense. 

Embarrassed on the world stage by the ineptness of his military, the seething Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, has resorted to what amounts to war crimes; i.e. (01) missile strikes and the intentional shelling of hospitals, schools, churches, apartment buildings, occupied residential areas, and (02) artillery strikes and aerial bombardment of refugee groups of men, women, and children fleeing the country.  Why kill a fleeing populace?  Because they are they are potential world court witnesses who could testify to the noted atrocities/war crimes.  These atrocities cannot be blamed on the so-called “fog of war.”  These are premeditated/intentional criminal acts committed for the sole purpose of creating a nationwide arena of terror. 

Who is to blame?  Well, of course, Vladimir Putin is the trigger man.  But, let’s not forget who made this incursion and genocide possible, and who are equally to blame.  That would be the American Marxist Democrat Party and their co-conspirators. I can hear the squeals of denials now, but elections have consequences.  And, in this case, it is the ongoing death of many good people. 

A criminal defense attorney will tell you that ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense.  In the case of Biden voters, there was, and still is, more than enough confirmable public information to know that the man did/does not possess presidential qualities. 

Throughout his far too long political career Joe Biden has been proven to be a habitual liar.  For example, he has repeatedly claimed that he graduated at the top of his law school class, when he actually graduated near the bottom.  When Robert Gates, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was serving as Secretary of Defense in the Obama Administration, he made the following and very telling statement about Joe Biden.  He said, “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue over the last four decades.”

Biden hasn’t changed, and he is the reason we are not in a position to effectively force a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine.  Therefore, the killing goes on in Ukraine.

Don’t believe me?  Well consider the fact that Joe Biden has put some sanctions on Russia.  That is good, but, when push comes to shove, they are useless because we are now dependent on Russia to supply us millions of barrels of oil on a daily basis  Russia can cut that off at any time.  I believe you find it interesting that Biden has worked a deal with Russia to act as our broker with Iran, another enemy state.  Biden wants to buy gas and oil from Iran.  At the same time Russia, again acting on our behalf, will broker a new nuclear deal on our behalf with Iran.  In return, we will turn a blind eye while Russia and Iran collaborate on the latter’s nuclear weapons program.  I don’t have all the details on this unbelievable consortium.  I know enough to say this is not in the interest of the United States.

Who is the guilty party or parties that created this dangerous mess?  Answer:  Joe Biden and the Marxist Democrat Party. 

There are only three American presidents in the modern era that our arch enemies - Russia and China - were afraid of: Ronald Reagan, a Republican;    John F. Kennedy, a Democrat; and Donald Trump, a Republican.  We have a chance to re-elect latter.  Let’s hope we have enough sensible people to see that is what happens! 

God Bless America and the nation of Ukraine! 

--Jerry Jones, a native of Sparta, is CIA retired


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