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I hope everyone has heard about the recent good news from Facebook. Facebook has decided that we, the American people, are allowed to talk about the idea that maybe, just maybe, the Wuhan virus came from a lab leak and not from nature. Now, I know, a lot of us thought that in America we had the right to say and do anything inside the law, and so we do! But our corporate betters are protecting us from our own ignorance (don’t you see) by not allowing us to discuss things that might upset the government apple cart.

You see, Facebook considers itself an integral part of the government in some ways, such as making sure we only talk about subjects that are allowed. On the other hand, they can do that because they are not an official part of the government. If they were, that would be censorship, and we are all against that! But when a private company does it – why, it is up to the people that use their service to complain about it. And we all know that’s not gonna happen. Right? You know, I wonder how many other discussions Facebook is quietly censoring…er… I mean banning…that need to be happening in a free society, don’t you?

In other good Facebook news, that wonderful organization has announced that the former democratically-elected president of the United States has been suspended from Facebook for two years! You see, he was talking about the most recent, problematic election in which all kinds of unconstitutional changes were made to the voting laws that created a lot of doubt as to whether the election had been fairly decided! Well, the government let Facebook and all the other news outlets, especially Fox, who quietly obeyed, even firing the Fox financial news’ most highly-rated host, Lou Dobbs, to make sure its staff got the message.

It makes me wonder because more than 50 percent of Republicans think the vote was unfairly counted and a large minority of Democrat voters felt the same way, but, as always, the government knows best as to when we should or should not discuss things that make our betters upset!

Facebook allows all kinds of hate speech about killing Jews and that kind of thing, and it would seem to me those kinds of hateful posts do far more to tear our society apart than President Trump saying what many people are already thinking. But then I remember that the government is only here to help us have a more “just” society and therefore allows all kinds of hate if they  approve of the hate involved in the discussion. It sure makes my life a lot easier knowing Uncle Sam is looking out for me by not only providing safe food but also providing safe thoughts so I won’t accidentally think something that is critical of them and the way they do business.

I ran across a letter to the editor in one of the many magazines I read, and the writer was asking why the magazine capitalized Black when used in reference to Black folks but didn’t capitalize white when it was used to refer to white folks. You might be surprised at the answer; I know I was! The magazine replied that they followed punctuation rules set by the Associated Press. And the Associated Press had decided that because Blacks were an oppressed people, they somehow deserved the capitalization. Now, many of you may have thought the rules of punctuation, you know, proper nouns, place names and the like were how punctuation rules were decided. But in this new and better world, some news outlet decides if your people have been “historically oppressed” enough to deserve capitalization! I wonder who gets to make that decision?

If you just stroll through the headlines of a news outlet not owned by the legacy news, what disturbing things you will read! Let me give you some samples for this morning: Fauci: Recent Attacks on Me ‘Really Very Much an Attack on Science’; Charlie Hurt: Facebook Should Be Sued Out of Existence over COVID-19 Cover-Up for China; CNN’s Kamau Bell: Right Attacking Critical Race Theory as a ‘Distraction’ While They Gut Voting Rights; Google Pushes Chinese Propaganda About South China Sea – with Wikipedia’s Help; Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell: Climate Change Threatens Global Economy. And I could go on for pages! Has anyone besides myself noticed that global warming/global climate change/ is no longer referred to as a theory?

In a troubling turn, there has been a variety of measures taken against those brave enough to question the results of the last election. Although the entire Democrat Party questioned President Trump’s election, and large parts of the party questioned Stacey Abrams’ defeat in an election, I guarantee you they knew little or nothing about there is now a movement afoot to try and blacklist any politician that questioned Big Joe Biden’s election. How is it that Democrats can question any election they don’t like the result of, and they are heroes, but any Republican questioning an election is threatened with all kinds of sanctions?

Is all of this part of the reason our brave senior senator, Marsha Blackburn, after saying she would not accept the election returns from Arizona and Georgia, did it anyway? Again I would ask voters considering re-electing Marsha. If she can’t be counted on when it matters, should we listen to her pretend to care about our liberties when she is in the minority and won’t face a tough vote? And what about our new senator, Bill Hagerty? Why was he so afraid to take a stand? And finally, why does Tennessee, a conservative state, time after time send spineless balls of mush to represent us in the senate?

We are at the crossroads and maybe a bit beyond. But our liberty may yet be in our grasp. If we only vote our convictions! Until next week…


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