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Buckle up friends we are going to run full speed through upcoming/ongoing topics and get prepared for the weeks ahead! So glad to have you along!

One might think of these various topics as pieces on a chess board. The president has certain moves he can make in response to moves made by the Democrats. For instance, the Democrats have been provoking these riots and violence as a way of showing Donald Trump’s America was out of control. In response to that move, what did the president do? First, he called out the lawbreakers without fear. You might think that would be easy, and it should be. But I am sure many of his political advisors told him doing so might make him appear unsympathetic to the plight of minorities in crime-ridden inner cities. But as usual, Trump was well prepared to take them on.

First, he called out the violence for what it was – lawlessness and violence that was destroying the very communities these groups claimed to care about. Secondly, he pointed out that all this insanity was going on in Democrat-controlled cities, turning the blame for an out-of-control America back on the Democrats. Thirdly, whenever anyone called on the federal forces, Trump made sure they arrived with enough manpower to overwhelm and intimidate the troublemakers like BLM and ANTIFA. Those professionals only fight when the odds are in their favor. Fourthly, Trump called on all the Democrat governors and mayors to ask for federal help, and he would deliver - again, putting the responsibility for the violence and looting back on the Democrats in power. The Democrats did not want to let Trump look good, and they were even willing to sacrifice their own cities. Not a good look! Finally, Trump is preparing to name ANTIFA and the KKK (both of them) terrorist organizations. I think he should point out that both were originally embraced by the Democrat Party.

It has been growing more and more obvious to even the most passionate deniers that Trump was correct when he said that the government was mobilized to help defeat his nomination, then his election, and even to attempt to impeach a sitting president. The Dirty Dossier’s author has been exposed as a man living in the outskirts of Washington D.C. and under investigation himself as a possible Russian spy. More and more, as this story unfolds, we bring attention to the talking heads of the Obama administration going out to all the cable news channels (and getting paid for it) to perform a hit job on this president. These very same people, many of them publicly disgraced or fired by the government, were telling one story on the cable channels but, when under oath, saying the exact opposite. So, while we hear former CIA head talk darkly about Trump’s dealing with the Russians, under oath he testifies that he saw no evidence of Trump dealing with Russia. The declassification of that testimony begs the question, “Which of these lying cable channel ‘analysists’ has been fired? Let go? Publicly denounced?” Is it any wonder to thinking people that Donald Trump and the truth are going to be the winners here? My Democrat friends can’t seem to understand why the cable channels’ arguments aren’t more persuasive. But read through this paragraph again. After all that proof of bias, why would anyone believe anything they heard on those channels? And the answer is that only believers of those messages are Democrats already that listen to nothing else. (It amazes me that “intellectuals” can allow themselves and their credibility as a person of thinking ability to be destroyed by deliberately remaining ignorant of the real state of things, even as they comment upon them.)

President Trump’s illegal hounding by our own government and Queen Hillary’s magnanimous treatment by then F.B.I. director Comey (and others) have brought into sharp relief the disparate treatment the Clinton crime family has enjoyed for years. One of America’s founding principles was that we are all equal under law. But would any one of us dare to do what Hillary Clinton did when she destroyed evidence under subpoena by deleting hard drives, bleaching them, destroying telephones with hammers? Anyone else wanna try to get away with that? Bottom line, how can we claim to have a country of equal justice under law when Hillary Clinton can do things in violation of the law that no one else dares to do?

And the unspoken, but obvious, latest person to be so leniently treated, President Obama? Did you hear A.G. Barr announce he had no intention of investigating or charging President Obama with any crime? May 25, this year: “As for President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement based on what I know, I don’t expect Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man,” Barr said. “Our concern of potential criminality is focused on others.” Barr goes on to say that he does not want the prosecution of any crime to look like partisan payback under color of law. OK A.G. Barr, but don’t expect that to apply equally to party’s either.

Finally, there are many more chess pieces on the board, but space and time does not permit. Trump has been hounded by the American press from the time he rode the escalator down into the lobby. Estimates of his percent of negative coverage are all in the 90 percent-plus column. Yet, he persists. While in office, he has worked under a cloud as the first two or three years of his administration’s time was spent fighting what we can now clearly see was a hit job on him, his presidency, and all those that surround him, particularly his wife and family. Still, he persists. While Joe Biden can barely stumble to one or two events a week, Trump is crisscrossing the nation, last Friday doing three shows for cable viewing and who knows how many other behind-the-scenes schmoozing. There is no doubt Trump is up to the job. Add up all the positives and negatives, and it sure looks like a win for Trump. But we are already finding ballots identifiable as likely Trump voters (military ballots) in the trash. How many have already been tossed that we don’t know about? We need to win with an overwhelming margin too large to be stolen! Are you there? Do you hear your nation calling you? Last day to register is Monday, October 5th. Self-identifying evangelicals number 80 million, but only half are registered, and only half of the registered ones vote. So out of 80 millions evangelicals, only 20 million “let their light shine” and vote? There is much work to do!

Jeremiah 8:20-21

(20) “The harvest has passed, the summer has ended, but we have not been saved.”     

(21) For the brokenness of the daughter of my people I am crushed. I mourn; horror has gripped me.…”       


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