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 Memory is one of the greatest gifts. Forgetting what we were about to say...or a special day or event...or someone’s name that we have known embarrassing, sometimes even humiliating. Has it ever happened to you? Surely it has. All of us have times when our memory goes bad, even young folks.  And the more birthdays we have the more often it happens.

The older we get, the more information we have stored, the longer it takes to “pull it up.” Sammie says it’s like turning the cards on a Rolodex file. The older we get, the more cards we have. Rolodex was a device on which we stored information before computers were readily available. Some of you may remember them. If you have forgotten, just Google “Rolodex”. You can even order one on Amazon.

Sometimes we forget simply because we don’t place enough importance on an event to make it a priority. Obviously that can be good or bad. For some things, it is better not to remember, but there are events which we should try to never forget. Forgetting an important anniversary or birthday can be pretty sad. Forgetting to pay a bill or show up for an important meeting can be worse. Memorial Day is an appropriate time to be reminded of some things of utmost importance, things we should never forget.

Some have forgotten the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001. Others were not even born or were too young to remember. Many of us will never forget. Terrorists, armed with box cutters, took over airplanes and used those planes as weapons of destruction to destroy the Twin Towers and damage the Pentagon in our nation’s capital.  Close to 3,000 lives were lost and about twice that many were injured.

Since that senseless attack on our nation, thousands of American soldiers have given their lives in the War on Terror throughout the world. When we add those who have died in battle, defending the freedoms of the United States, since the Revolutionary War, the numbers are staggering. Some who are reading this, have lost loved ones in recent years, defending our nation. Never forget their lives and their sacrifice.

This year, dozens of innocent lives have been snuffed out in mass murders. Please join me in praying for Divine strength for their families and others affected by those horrendous crimes. Thousands, perhaps even millions, of Ukrainians have been killed, wounded or displaced by the whims of the evil Russian dictator. Remember them.

In Luke chapter 21 Jesus warned that unimaginable, terrible times were coming, but just before His warning He commented on a woman who gave a small offering at the temple. He said her gift was great because she gave all the worldly goods she had.

Compare that gift to those who gave all - meaning their very life - for their country. Then remember that Jesus gave His very life for us on the Cross. He willingly made the ultimate sacrifice so the we could have an eternal relationship with God.

How can you and I show our appreciation to Him and to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom? One way is to stand against evil. The Sixth Chapter of Ephesians tells us to clothe ourselves for spiritual warfare. The Word then tells us to pray at all times.

Remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Remember we are engaged in a spiritual battle. And never forget - in the end, the battle is the Lord’s. 

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