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Tyson Warner


TJ Warner, a 2021 graduate of White County High School, has found himself with some fairly impressive opportunities over the past three-and-a-half years while he has been continuing his education at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, and, according to Warner, he has WCHS’s Warrior Media program to thank for that.

“Warrior Media prepared me for this moment more than ever,” Warner said. “Mrs. [Candice] Allen really pushed me to become the best version of myself in her classes.”

Whether it was figuring out a simple editing technique or messing up a birthday on the morning announcements, Warner said that, Candice Allen, the teacher behind Warrior Media, would make sure her students were prepared for what they were trying to accomplish.

“She believed in her students and that gave us so much more confidence to do even better,” he said. “I got so many opportunities early in college because I was already prepared coming out of high school for certain events. I can’t thank that program enough.”

Those opportunities include internships at MTSU - one working with the university’s football team recruiting department and the other with WSMV Channel 4’s Sports Section.

“I help out with all of the prospects and their visits – whether it is showing them around campus, answering questions they might have about campus of the team,” Warner said about his work with the MTSU football recruiting department. “[Also,] scouting prospects that could help our team out that we should pursue.”

Warner said his time as the WSMV Channel 4 Sports Section intern gave him a wide range of opportunities. From talking to new Titans Coach Brian Callahan in a one-on-one interview, to filming and writing a quick recap of any Vanderbilt basketball or baseball game, from covering Tennessee basketball in the SEC tournament, to covering Nashville SC games, from doing mock sports segments for the news, to covering Nashville Predators events and games, Warner stayed busy during his days with the Nashville news channel.

“I got to do so much fun stuff,” he said, “but I think my favorite story I got to do was Rally on the Runway with the Titans.”

“A bunch of the players are escorts for a fashion show for kids with cancer. It is such a great fundraising event that brings tears to many people’s eyes. Covering that this past semester was so fun to see the smile on some of those kids’ faces,” Warner said. “It was so cool to see how involved the players got with the event, too. They came up with a pose or handshake with each rally kid to show them off.”

Warner said while he has enjoyed the past three years, people who are considering a career in sports media need to know that it isn’t all “sunshine and rainbows.” He emphasized that deadlines for getting content out can be tough at times.

“It can be a fun job where you can meet a lot of cool people at, but you can’t be a fan as much once you are in the field,” Warner said, explaining the difficulties of having to put personal preferences aside when working. “You have to be able to be professional and take bias out of situations to get the real content needed for some stories.”

Warner is scheduled to graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Media/Management but has already set his sights on his next goal.

“My plan post-graduation is to stay in the football recruiting business. I am currently searching for a graduate assistant role at many different schools where I will study to get a master’s degree for Sports Media/Management,” he said. “Working in the TV world with Channel 4 was fun and another option I am highly considering.”

It will be worth keeping an eye on this WCHS alum and following his career as he makes his moves in the professional world.      


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