Voting for America is critical during this election

Jerry Jones is CIA retired and a Sparta native


This particular article is meant to transcend Republican and Democrat party lines.  It is an appeal to put “America First.”  In the storied history of our country, there has never been a presidential election more important than the one in which we will be voting on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.  Our country, our revered form of government, our religious freedoms, our right to possess the means to defend ourselves, our envied capitalism-driven economy,  our standard of living, and overall way of life has never been in more peril.  That is not an exaggeration.

Yes, it could be argued that World War II (1941-1945), during which we and our allies simultaneously fought and defeated Nazi Germany on the continents of Europe and Africa and the Japanese Empire on the continent of Asia and in the far-flung island nations of the vast Pacific Ocean, was the greatest threat(s) we ever faced as a united country.  I wholeheartedly agree with that.  But, I am compelled to add the words “until now.”

Let me explain.  During World War II, with the exception of some non-impact gaggle of naysayers,  America was united on the home-front.  Both the Democrat and Republican parties were functional and had their different political platforms.  And, of course, there were conflicting views on many things,  However, when it came to issues of protecting our citizens and the homeland and fighting a major war on four different continents against determined enemies, the two parties stood united.  The result was definitive victories and an intact America that had become an economic juggernaut.

With the foregoing in mind and in an effort to secure your vote for America in the fast approaching critical election, it is imperative that you consider the following when we look back on World War II so you will understand why I say America has never been in more danger than it is at this moment in time.

With the exception of Japan’s Dec. 7, 1941, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, in the Hawaiian Islands, and the later short-lived diversionary invasion of the American-owned Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska by a less than formidable Japanese force, World War II was NOT fought on American soil. Our enemies were foreign, and the battlefields were foreign.  Our enemies were known and recognizable. Our form of government was never in danger.  Camaraderie permeated our country, and our flag was respected. 

Today, the enemy we face is among us.  They are here in our country, inside our borders.  Some are overt, and some are covert.  They are misled, propagandized, and brainwashed Americans with foreign support; i.e. China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, and the Middle East.  The attempt to take over our country has been a long time in the making.  The Socialist and Communist operatives have been in our education system for a long time, primarily at the university level, but, over time, they have made their way into our high schools and elementary schools.

On the political side, over an extended period of time, they have secured many mid and upper level government positions in our big cities and states, as well as the federal government.  They are generally not elected, so they are able to stay in their undercover positions and even work toward government pensions, while the elected politicians come and go.  This is why they are referred to as “The Deep State.”  They are equivalent to the Russian “sleeper cells” operating in the U.S. during the Cold War.

The Democrat Party became a target of the Socialist operatives when the party started letting any and all types of groups and factions join the party.  The Democrats were looking for numbers and not party faithful or patriot Americans.  In 2016, the Socialists had completed their quiet takeover of the Democrat Party, having created a strong leftist faction.  The party’s leadership cadre had been targeted but not the ever obedient grassroots Democrats who generally toed the party line and voted accordingly.  It is amazing that a large part of grassroots Democrats are still unaware of the Socialist takeover of their party.  So if these party faithful are able to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Democrat Party will officially become the Socialist Democrat Party.  And, the battle between socialism and capitalism will dominate the American political arena for the foreseeable future.  The economy will suffer, and America will slide into the status of a third-world country.

Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Libertarian or Independent, in your heart you know the foregoing to be true.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are drones.  If elected, they will do as they are told.  I find it hard to accept that anyone, regardless of party affiliation, would vote for a man who belongs in a nursing home or in the refuge of his home basement.

Due to limited space, I will not go into the background of Kamala Harris in this article.  All you really need to know is the word integrity cannot be found in her devious background.

On the other hand, I can find no reason not to vote for President Donald Trump.  Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, he had taken our national economy to sustained all-time highs and across-the- board unemployment to record lows.  He had already kept most of his campaign promises.  He had lowered taxes and brokered new and favorable trade agreements with other countries, including China.  By the end of this year, over 400 miles of the long overdue wall on our southern border will have been completed.  He put NATO on notice and collected over $400 billion of overdue money owed by delinquent member countries.  He has strengthened our relationship with Israel.  And, he has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for brokering two peace accords between Israel and two Arab nations.  And, in spite of incessant attacks by the Socialist Democrat Party, he has done a great job in leading our country through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Considering the fact that this was a learn-as-you-go process for all of us, President Trump saved a lot of lives when he shut down travel from China and Europe.  And, given the fact that President Trump fast-tracked development of a serum to treat the virus, several pharmaceutical companies hope to complete the testing and approval phrase of their cures and have them available for release by the end of the year.  If you want someone to blame for the pandemic, look no further than Communist China.  And, even though we are not yet out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the president has our economy on the rise. 

When you go to the polls to vote, I ask the following of you: (01) Remember the very brief sampling in the preceding paragraph of the many significant accomplishments of Donald Trump in his first term as president,  (02) Remember Joe Biden’s senility, which he has confirmed on more than one occasion by telling his small rally audiences he is running for the U.S. Senate and forgetting who God is and calling him “you know, the thing.” (3) A vote for Trump is a vote for America.

That is my opinion.  God Bless America!    


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