Warriors are victorious, Warriorettes defeated

District Tournament action continues


In District Tournament action this past week, the Warriorettes traveled to Stone Memorial to face the Lady Panthers for the second round of districts. The Warriorettes landed the tip, and Morgan Quick scored a layup to kick off the game. About 30seconds in, Stone’s Miller was fouled and went 2/2. She then scored the next 2 points after being left wide open. Two minutes in, Sparta got the ball on an inbound and Mia Murray made a 2. Stone’s Freitag scored the next 8 points, allowing the Lady Panthers to take a 12-4 lead. After that, Nia Powers drove in and was fouled. She went 2/2 at the line. Freitag and Miller both hit 2s as the first quarter came to an end. The Lady Panthers were up 16-6, and this set the pace for the rest of the game.

Stone possessed the ball to start the second quarter, and Buck scored 2 for them. On the next play, Celeste Reed, of White County, ran the floor and Murray passed the ball up to her for 2. A foul from the Warriorettes sent Stone’s Goss to the line where she made both shots. After a few traded possessions, Miller made two more for Stone and helped increase the lead 22-10. White County’s Quick got fouled as she went up and made her basket, but she missed her free throw. A Stone turnover gave the Warriorettes the ball back, and Gracie Dodgen went to the rim for a layup. At 4:01, Stone’s Miller got an offensive rebound for the Lady Panthers and turned it into an And1. White County’s Reed drove to the basket and went up with contact. She made her shot but no foul was called. Twenty seconds later, Stone was fouled and went 1/2 from the line. With 3:10 left in the half, White County’s Quick drained a 3. This cut the lead to seven, but the Lady Panthers would go on an 8-0 run before the Warriorettes called a timeout. Around a minute, Reed got fouled and made 1/2. Freitag scored another layup for Stone, and White County’s Murray hit a jumper, with 23 seconds to go. This closed out the half, and Stone had a 36-22 lead.

Stone possessed the ball and went on another run. This was a 10-0 run, including two 3-point plays. At 6:01, Dodgen drove in and scored 2. The Warriorettes trailed 24-46. Stone called a timeout, but shortly after, Murray drove in and completed her And1. A technical foul was also called on Murray, so, after her free throw, Stone’s Miller was put on the line and made one of her two. Twelve seconds later, an intentional foul was called on White County’s Quick. Goss shot the two for the Lady Panthers and knocked them both down. Soon after, Quick sank another 3. On the next play, Quick fouled Stone’s Buck as she scored her bucket. She made her free throw as well, increasing their lead 52-30. At 3:51, White County’s Dodgen was fouled and made both as she toed the line. Miller contributed two more for Stone. White County’s Powers stripped a 3, and Reed got fouled and made 1/2. Under 1:20, Stone made the next 4 points. Right around a minute, White County’s Quick made another 3. Freitag scored on a backside layup for the Lady Panthers, and Powers scored 2 off an inbound. Buck was fouled right before the buzzer and went 2/2. Sparta trailed 41-62.

With 7:31 in the fourth, Stone found themselves on the line again, shooting double-bonus. They made both. White County’s Murray knocked down a 3. Around 6:55, Stone’s Atkinson scored 2. Miller scored the next four points for the Lady Panthers. White County’s Reed scored a layup in transition for the Warriorettes. Murray stole the ball, passed to Quick, and laid it up once. Quick gave it back. Stone made the next 3 points and called a timeout. After the timeout, White County’s Reed scored 2, and Murray was fouled and went 2/2. Around 3:15, Miller was fouled and went 1/2 from the line. With 2:30 left, White County’s Andi Haston came in and drained a 3. Right after, Taylor Rittenberry went up and scored with contact. She completed her And1. A minute later, Lexi Golden stole the ball and laid it up. The Warriorettes trailed 56-78. Nautica Brown was fouled for a one-and-one. She made her first and her second. With 47.6 left, Rittenberry gets fouled again. This time she went 2/2. A Warriorette foul gave Stone one last score where they went 1/2 from the foul line. This closed out the game of 62-79 Stone Memorial. The Warriorettes play at 6 p.m., Feb. 22, in Sparta.

Quick: 13pt-1ast-1stl-2rebs

Murray: 12pt-7ast-2stl-1reb

Reed: 12pt-1stl-2rebs

Powers: 7pt-1ast-2rebs

Dodgen: 6pt-4ast

Rittenberry: 5pt

Haston: 3pt

Brown: 2pt-2stl-1reb

Golden: 2pt-2ast-2stl

A.Frazier: 3ast-2rebs

K.Frazier: 1reb

McDonald: 1ast

The Warriors also faced Stone Memorial but on their home floor. Stone won the tip and quickly scored 2. About two minutes later, they scored the next 2 points of the night, getting in a quick 4-0 lead. Halfway through the first, Grant Slatten got the Warriors on the board with 2. Stone made the next three points. Around 1:42, Thomas Brock saved the ball and got it to Jake Davis, who then got it to Slatten who was fouled. Slatten went 2/2. Stone made two more buckets closing out the quarter, and Thomas Paul hit a quick jumper. The Warriors trailed 6-11.

Sparta possessed the ball but missed. Boyd made a shot down low for Stone. At 6:31, Tanner Paul got sent to the line and made both. On the next play, Slatten also made both from getting fouled. This cut the score with the Warriors trailing 10-13. Stone made the next two buckets, which forced a Sparta timeout. Slatten found Brock in an open floor for two more points. Brock traded baskets with Stone and Slatten missed the front end of a one-and-one. Just under two minutes, Stone made a 3. After two drives and buckets from Slatten, Brock drains a 3 at the buzzer. The Warriors went into halftime trailing 21-24.

Stone had the ball to start the third but both teams traded baskets. Stone made two buckets, and Slatten made a 3, and Davis made 2. The Panthers called a timeout, with 6:29 left in the third. After the timeout, Stone scored 2. On the other end, Davis sank another 3. Around 3:19, Slatten was sent to the line and went 1/2. Nine seconds later, Stone hit a 3 to tie the game 33. Slatten made the next two buckets. Stone made a bucket after that. Right at a minute, Slatten gets an And1 while running transition. With 34.8 to go in the third, Stone made a 2. Brock drained a 3 as the buzzer sounded. The Warriors were ahead 43-37.

The Warriors possessed the ball but Stone opened the quarter with four points. The teams traded possessions and jump balls. Both Stone and Slatten traded 3s around the four-minute mark. At 3:16, Slatten got sent to the line where he made 2/2. Ten seconds later, Stone got fouled and went 1/2 from the line, still trailing by 3. Slatten got fouled and was sent to the line for a one-and-one. He made the first and the second. This put the Warriors up 50-45 with 2:33 left. Stone scored 2 and then called a timeout. After the timeout, Slatten made four free throws. Stone was fouled too and made both of their free throws. Davis got fouled and sent to the line. He made the first one but missed the second. The Panthers made another 2 points. Brock got fouled and went 1/2 from the line. Slatten was fouled right after and made both. The Panthers got fouled as they went up and the completed their And1. With 21.3 left, Slatten got fouled again and made 2/2. Around 19.1, Stone knocked the ball out of bounds, giving it to the Warriors. Davis was fouled with fourteen seconds left to go, and he made both free throws. The Panthers scored two right before the buzzer. The Warriors won 62-55.

Slatten: 36pt-5ast-8rebs

Davis: 11pt-1ast-3stl-2rebs-1chg

Brock: 9pt-1stl

Th.Paul: 4pt-1ast-2stl2rebs

Ta.Paul: 2pt-5ast-1stl-2blk

Gentry: 1stl-1reb

Stephens: 1ast-1stl-2rebs

Richmond: 1reb      


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