WCHS presents six individuals for student spotlight


At the most recent White County School Board meeting, principal Greg Wilson presented six White County High School students to the board members to spotlight the positive things they are doing in the school and bringing to their classrooms.

Jake Officer was selected by faculty member Scott Wilson who said Officer has demonstrated responsibility, empathy, and true leadership throughout his time at WCHS.

“Jake Officer understands and relishes the responsibilities of being considered a citizen. Within our school, Jake has participated in many clubs and organizations. He has held many leadership positions, including Student Body President. Above that, he served as a state officer for Technology Student Association for one year, and this past summer he was elected Governor of Tennessee for Boys State and was a delegate for Boys Nation. Jake cares for the world around him and strives to improve it every day,” Wilson said. “As Jake matures into adulthood and enlarges his sphere of influence, so will his impact on society through his civic engagement.”

Kim Eller selected Keena Anderson to receive her spotlight award and based the selection on Anderson’s commitment to her community.

“Keena Anderson is a young lady with a strong work ethic and dutiful mind for her community.  Keena continually shows up during class, FFA, and community events, then asks how she can help.  She is a leader in FFA due to her work ethic and loyalty to our organization, even when she was not an officer she contributed like one without any of the benefits.  She is a selfless individual and gives countless volunteer hours to the White County Youth Fair Board and other community groups.  Keena has worked in school, participated in clubs and community, and has held part time jobs to help pay for her needs and future plans.  She continually encourages others to become involved in some activity; FFA, Archery, Youth Fair Board, or Young Farmers and Ranchers,” Eller said. “Keena will succeed in life and be an asset to any organization or community based on her work ethic, pride, and loyalty to those people and places around.”

Kiley Moore was chosen by Tobi Swift to be spotlighted for both her empathy toward others and her strong ethical standards for herself.

“Kiley’s ability to empathize allows her to listen and understand the perspective of others, even when she may disagree with them. This attribute will help her to contribute to society as a peacemaker or diplomat for her generation,” Swift said. “In addition, Kiley’s analytical nature will help her to discern between nuances that may go unnoticed by others; her open-mindedness and attention to detail combined aid Kiley in being an ethical pillar for her peers.”

Coach Michael Dodgen nominated Nia Powers for a spotlight award based on Powers’s leadership both in sports and in the classroom.

“Nia Powers is a great example of a student who exhibits characteristics of a lifelong contributor to our society. First and foremost, Nia is a leader. She is not only a leader on the basketball and volleyball courts but in the classroom as well. Nia is a role model for all of her peers. She is confident, honest, respectful, a motivator, and a friend to everyone she meets,” Dodgen said. “As Nia continues to grow, she will most definitely make a positive impact on our society.”

Conner Brewington was the recipient of a spotlight award after being selected by Juonna Thompson for the respect and courtesy he displays to both teachers and peers.

“Connor seems to genuinely love learning; he participates positively in class discussions.  His outgoing personality appeals to many groups of people as he continues to be respectful and courteous. His friendly personality and desire to succeed endears him to students and teachers alike,” Thompson said. “In his attempts to achieve high grades, I believe he truly learns valuable lessons whatever the outcome.”

Deleesa Price choose Ryan O’Dell to receive a spotlight award due to his strong personal characteristics and sense of responsibility.

“Ryan O’Dell contributes greatly to the culture and community of White County High School.  He exhibits strong personal characteristics in the classroom as well as on the football field.  He does not hesitate to step up when I need a volunteer for an activity. His great sense of humor provides a welcomed component to a well-rounded classroom.  Ryan understands the importance of the choices he makes.  I have witnessed him deny himself what he immediately wanted to ensure that he would reach a goal he set for the end of the grading period. Ryan loves his family.  It is not uncommon for him to blow his mother a kiss from the football field.  He even hopped off the float during the homecoming parade to run over and give her a hug,” Price said. “As Ryan continues to grow and mature, he will effectively make positive contributions to our society.”

The six students were presented with awards after Wilson read the comments and nominations from the faculty. The board expressed their appreciation to both the students and faculty of White County High School for their commitment to excellence in the classroom and creating a strong community throughout the school.      


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