WCMS recognizes students at school board meeting

Two athletes serve as peer tutors


During the regularly scheduled school board meeting, on Oct. 8, White County Middle School chose to spotlight two students who make it a part of their every day to promote diversity and inclusion.

“Our focus for this year was diversity,” WCMS principal Farrah Griffith told the board. “The first thing that came to my mind was Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Upshaw’s classes and the services that our students provide to her students through our peer tutor program. I don’t know that everybody knows that we have peers that go into the classroom every period. We have two students who go to Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Upshaw’s extended resource and CDC classes every period.  The relationships that they build in there are just amazing to watch.”

Griffith said she asked Mrs. Jackson if she had any of those peer tutors that she felt truly stood out and needed to be recognized for the work that they do in her classroom every day.

“She has no hesitation coming up with the two that she said are the persons who do the best with helping those diverse students in her class,” Griffith said.

The first of those students, a member of both the White County Middle School Warriorette volleyball and basketball teams, was Gracie Clark.

“Gracie Clark is a seventh grade peer tutor in my class,” Jackson said. “She comes to our class during PE time, and the students love her. She always takes initiative to start the stretches when all of the kids are ready.  She is always friendly and has a smile on her face in the halls when she sees our students.”

“Gracie is a student who has really grown into this spot,” Griffith added.  “She plays sports and has lots of friends and is an excited and personable girl, and she goes in and shares all of that with the students in the CDC class. Gracie does a really good job.”

The second student that Jackson chose to spotlight is another athlete at WCMS playing for both the Warrior basketball and baseball teams, Kason Seal.

“Kason Seal is an eighth grader who has been with us for two years now,” Jackson said. “We were so happy to get him back this semester. He is with us during our lunch time and always takes a student to go get all of our lunches so that my students do not have to go to the cafeteria at this time. Kason always takes time out of his day to speak with our kids.”

“We’ve got a lot of great peer tutors,” Griffith concluded. “We have a lot of kids who would love the opportunity to be peer tutors. When we think about diversity, these two just embody these qualities very well.”


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