WCMS Students of the Week


6th grade Students of the Week

Taylor Hensley, Raylee Hyder, Mason Medley

Quotes from teachers:

Taylor Hensley. Taylor is a sweet, young lady and a joy to have in class. She is a true warrior!

Raylee Hyder. Raylee works hard in everything she does.  She also asks questions and wants to learn more.  Raylee is a good example of some-one that wears their ARMOR daily.

Mason Medley. Mason is an excellent student.  He always has a positive attitude and is kind to everyone.  He represents our school so well!


7th Grade Students of the Week

Courtlyn Pope, Tripp Tollison, Lucas Phillips

Quotes from teachers:

Courtlyn Pope. Courtlyn has such a positive attitude each day and al-ways participates in class discussions demonstrating an eagerness to learn and improve. He displays wonderful manners while interacting with his teachers as well, which is always nice to see.

Tripp Tollison. Tripp is a hard worker, is always respectful, and is willing to help his fellow classmates. He is an exemplary student who is setting a great example for others. We are honored to be his teachers this year!

Lucas Phillips. Lucas is Team Olympians’ student of the week. Lucas is an extremely hard worker and a reflective student. He strives to do his best by contributing to class discussions and staying focused. Lucas is al-so a good friend to those around him.       


8th Grade Students of the Week

Torey Price, Abby Alford, Randy Lee

Quotes from teachers:

Torey Price. Torey is driven to succeed no matter what, and she does so with such grace. Her manners are impeccable! She embod-ies all the components of Warrior ARMOR (Always be… Respectful, Motivated, Organized, and Responsible).

Abby Alford. Abby is a student who is diligent in her academics.  She is incredibly helpful to her peers and respectful to other stu-dents and teachers.  Her attitude and willingness to learn makes her a joy to have in class.

Randy Lee. Randy is a very trustworthy young man. He always has a positive attitude and is helpful to others.      


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