WCMS students spotlighted at school board meeting

Teachers highlight special traits of students


 White County Middle School recently presented several students to the White County Board of Education to spotlight the work those students are doing, not only in the classroom but throughout the school to create a more accepting atmosphere and a stronger school-community for all students.

Sixth grade students Sadie Benningfield, Kylie Cox, and Hannah Rabchenia were recognized for their leadership, kindness, and work in the classroom.

“Sadie is an exceptional young lady who embraces change as an opportunity to meet new people.  She is friendly with everyone, and her personality will brighten your day,” sixth grade math teacher Megan Greene said. “Sadie is intelligent, motivated, hardworking and will rise as a leader for her generation.  She is an absolute pleasure to know.”

Cox’s teachers discussed her willingness to engage in classroom activities and her efforts to see that success is attainable for all students.

“Kylie always arrives to class prepared and is always engaged in the daily activities. She exhibits a strong work ethic throughout class,” they said. “Kylie also likes to see her peers succeed in class.”

For Hannah Rabchenia, it is her citizenship that made her stand out to her teachers, as she encourages and shows kindness to her peers and teachers alike.

“It is a teacher’s job to encourage students, but sometimes there are students who encourage teachers.  Hannah is that kind of student.  Her willingness to learn, her happy disposition, and her kindness towards other students makes her a leader among her peers. She is a brilliant young lady and a talented athlete, but, most importantly, she is a good citizen. Team Poseidon is thankful to have her,”

Rabchenia’s teachers, who work in teams, said. “We are so proud of her accomplishments so far and look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for her.”

For the seventh-grade students receiving the spotlight - Cole Gentry, Audrey Clouse, and Taylor Poteet - it was their displays of responsibility, respect, and initiative to help their peers that made them stand out.

“Cole impresses us each day with the way he goes out of his way to help out others without needing to be asked. Several times already, we have seen him step up to help out others,” the teachers who watch Gentry interact with his peers daily said. “Cole’s kind heart, empathetic nature, and positive disposition have really left a positive impact on us. He truly exemplifies the qualities of a stand-up young man who represents what a Warrior should be.”

For Clouse, it is her passion for doing her work well and her sense of personal responsibility for making her time at White County Middle School both academically and socially beneficial.

“Audrey is a very responsible young lady whose passion about doing well in her classes is much appreciated by her teachers. She offers a helping hand to whomever she meets. There is no doubt that Audrey is and will be a great leader to her peers,” her team of teachers said. “Our team is blessed to have her.”

Poteet’s teachers described her as an ideal student who engages herself in her lessons, classes, and those around her.

“Taylor Poteet is an excellent student. She is hardworking, focused, polite and respects the learning environment,” they said. “She can always be counted on to participate in class and to help others if needed. She is friendly with everyone and her smile is contagious.”

For the eight-graders receiving the spotlight award, it was their ability to lead their peers, showing the qualities of a good citizen and providing their teachers with confidence that as their time at White County Middle School is quickly coming to a close, they are ready for the next step on their journey to becoming productive citizens in whichever community they choose for their futures.

“Anita demonstrates responsibility and respect for her peers on a daily basis.  She has a positive attitude and is always willing to help others in the classroom.  She is a leader both in the classroom and on the soccer field,” Anita Hartawan’s teachers said of her. “Anita displays the courage to always do what is right.”

For Addison Casey, it’s her concern for others and ability to overcome challenges as they arise that make her stand out.

“Addison promotes excellent citizenship among her peers by having a positive attitude, a willingness to participate, a concern for including others, and by always displaying the components of the student behavior motto (ARMOR),” her teachers told the school board. “These qualities and her desire to overcome challenges is what makes her a joy to have in class.”

“When it comes to citizenship and contributing to society, one student who stands out is Will Walker,” principal Farrah Griffith read the words Walker’s teachers used to describe the student. “In his own words, Will believes that being a good citizen is doing your part to make a positive difference in the community. He demonstrates kindness to those around him and a strong work ethic whether he is on the field or in the classroom. This young man believes academics are important and he puts forth his best effort in every subject. He also carries that determination to succeed in his athletics. His kindness to those around him and his work ethic cause him to shine at White County Middle School. These qualities build citizenship in Will and without question will allow him to play a vital and successful role in society.”

JG Wallace was the final Warrior to be announced as a standout for his leadership qualities.

“JG is a fantastic student in our school. He is always offering to help other students find their way around school or just being kind to someone. He is a leader on the playing field and ball court, and he always wants his teammates to do their best!” his teachers explained his selection for the Spotlight Award as well as their appreciation for having him as part of their day. “He is a great kid to be around!”

All ten of the students were awarded with a trophy to commemorate the moment as they stood before White County’s Board of Education members to be recognized for their daily efforts at making their school and community a better place for all those who meet them.


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