We are the storm

(Jerry Jones - CIA retired, native of Sparta)


I can’t speak for everyone, but I am of the opinion that the U.S. Congress has become too politically divided and self-important.  This is especially true in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The primary concern of the individual members of both chambers of Congress is retaining their individual seats in the Senate and/or the House of Representatives.  As soon as they get elected, the senators and representatives immediately start campaigning for re-election; i.e. every six years for the Senate and every two years for the House of Representatives.

Our elected presidents can only serve two four-year terms, but congressional members are unhindered by term limits.  They can serve as long as their constituents re-elect them.  For a long time, I have supported that arrangement, but that is no longer the case.  Long- tenured congressional politicians become much too powerful and have proven to be susceptible to the big money and enticements extended by lobbyists and special interest groups.  Have you ever seen a U.S. Senator or a Congressman/woman leave office financially poor?  Me neither!  Of course, there are exceptions. But, it is so rare I cannot think of one.

Within the next two or three years, I expect a Constitutional  Convention will be convened.  I hope to be a designated representative at that important gathering.  If so designated, congressional term limits is one of the major issues I will be championing.

It is not just the lack of congressional term limits that concern me.  Our congressional problems go much further.  Our Founding Fathers intended for senators and congressional representatives to be the voice of the people (the general public), not alienated political parties or heel-hounds for lobbyists and/or special interest groups.  Today we have just the opposite.  Our congressional members take the majority of their marching orders from political parties,  lobbyists, and special interest groups.  And, the longer they stay in office, the more they think that they know what is best for us, better than we do.  I disagree. 

The following is a sampling of questions I was asked in a recent poll.  If your senator or congressional representative asked you these questions what would your answers be and why?  Or, perhaps, you may want to turn the tables and ask him or her these questions and compare them with your views.  I am not asking you to share your response with me.  I just want you to think about yours views on these important issues and how you would have answered these questions.  (For the record, I did add some of my own comments in Question #6.)

Question #1: The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.  If they are illegals, they are not citizens.  By entering the United States illegally, they are lawbreakers. They have no legal standing which allow them the right to vote in our elections. What is your reaction to this?    

Question #2: Many Democrats (including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) have pledged to knock down all border barriers if Democrats win the presidential election, on Nov. 3, 2020. They want open/uncontrolled borders.  Do you support this?  If so, Why? If not, why not?

Question #3: Many on the left openly root for terrible things to happen to America as a way to get rid of President Trump.  HBO’s Bill Maher actually begged for a recession on his HBO show.  He said, “I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point ... I’m hoping for it because I think one way to get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.”  What is your reaction to people like Maher who are openly hoping for terrible things to happen to America as a way to defeat President Trump?

Question #4:  Presidential candidate Joe Biden said he (A) WILL raise taxes, possibly as high as seventy (70) percent, and (B) WILL confiscate your guns?  Do you support or oppose higher taxes and gun confiscation?

Question #5:  Do believe that Joe Biden has the stamina, is physically fit, and has the mental capacity to serve as the leader of the free world.    Yes or No?  Why?

Question #6:  The Democrat Party has been penetrated by Socialists and, as a result, has veered to the left.  They openly acknowledge this.  The party is running on a Socialist platform (a 110-page Communist Manifesto).  Socialism is the most failed form of government in the world.  It looks good on paper, but, as history has shown, in reality, it is the world’s largest lemon.  Capitalism, especially the American version, is the most successful form of government in the world. The foundation of our greatness lies in our form of government.  Do support socialism or capitalism?

Question #7: Do you support the defunding of police departments throughout the country?  If so, why?

Question #8:  Do your support the Socialist Democrat mayors and governors in the big cities like Spokane, Portland, Kenosha, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York, who opted to leave their citizens in harm’s way and their businesses ransacked, buildings burning, and people being beaten, and, in some cases, killed rather than accept help from President Trump?  If so, why?

As recent poll results are now beginning to reveal, there is a storm coming on Nov. 3, 2020.  We, the ordinary citizens who love our country, our way of life, our form of government; We, who have fought for this country and against socialism, communism, and tyrants in foreign lands and on bloody battlefields; We, who refuse to surrender our country to a bunch of Marxist thugs, brainwashed robots, and a hijacked political party; We, who are the descendants of the Greatest Generation who will see that their sacrifices, achievements, and victories were not in vain.  We are coming to the polls.  We are the storm that will save our country.  That is my opinion.  God Bless America!    


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