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The World Health Organization opened its meetings this week. As I told you in last week’s column, the WHO. is meeting to adopt new amendments to the global agreements on health emergencies. These new amendments make the WHO. the agency in charge worldwide should a “health emergency” occur in any nation. And the determination of what constitutes a health emergency, according to these new amendments, would be entirely decided by the China- installed head of WHO., Tedros. Tedros is the same guy that assured the world there was no human-to-human transmission of COVID as he was told by the CCP - The Chinese Communist Party! Until… well later.

With such authority, Tedros could order armies into countries to help with their “emergency,” whether the country in question agreed with the WHO or not. Tedros, working with the world bank, could cause economic calamities of all kinds to befall a nation that he deemed in the midst of a “health emergency.” And mind you, these new amendments are being requested by the Biden regime under America’s authority! Are we seeing why President Trump withdrew us from WHO?

Of course, since our weak-kneed Republican officeholders refused to put much of President Trump’s changes into law, what Trump did by executive order can be undone by Biden, with a countervailing executive order.  Are we missing Trump yet?

Let me give you a couple quotes from Tedros’s opening speech.

“Nine months ago, WHO, CEPI, and Gavi came together, supported by Germany, Norway and other partners, to form the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator, including the COVAX vaccines’ pillar. The ACT Accelerator and COVAX were conceived with two aims: to develop vaccines diagnostics and therapeutics fast and distribute them fairly. The first aim has been achieved. The development and approval of safe and effective vaccines less than a year after the emergence of a new virus is a stunning scientific achievement and a much-needed source of hope.”

Didn’t he just say the vaccines were developed by all these above agencies? I thought they were developed by American-funded companies for which the American taxpayer paid a pretty penny. Yes? Oh, but wait! He’s not finished yet!

“As we speak, rich countries are rolling out vaccines to their citizens, while the world’s least developed countries watch and wait. This not only leaves the world’s most vulnerable people at risk, it’s also short-sighted and self-defeating. Vaccine nationalism will only prolong the pandemic, the restrictions needed to contain it, and human and economic suffering. A new study by the International Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation shows that vaccine nationalism could cost the global economy up to 9.2 trillion US dollars, and almost half of that – 4.5 trillion – would be incurred in the wealthiest economies. By contrast, the financing gap for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator stands at 27 billion dollars. The Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce, John Denton, described fully funding the ACT Accelerator as a ‘rounding error’ compared with the massive stimulus packages implemented in G20 countries.”

So, you see the world would be a much better, FAIRER place if all the developed nations would pay into a fund run by the WHO to develop… ahem… safe and effective vaccines! Like the one we have now that is causing so many problems!

Tedros goes on to talk about how Google and Facebook and others have helped control the flow of “misinformation.” Really?

Think about this wonderful new organization that wants to “help” you until we talk again next week… won’t you?

And think about this. One year ago, one stolen election ago, our lives were going so well.

Are you angry yet?


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