What’s inside your lunch box?

Christpoint Church


 We all have that one family member or friend that can whip up a meal with no notice and feed several people, all in a few minutes. That person is usually someone’s grandmother, and it’s refreshing to know you and your friends won’t starve to death because you haven’t had a meal in the past few hours. In this article, let’s call this person a “feeder.” Without a feeder, most of us would go without. The feeder brings a sense of security and confidence in knowing there’s always provision. I can remember worrying about many things as a child, but my next meal or even ample feeding was never one of those. A person may want to argue the point that a feeder’s role is insignificant, but I challenge that person to go without for a while, and they’ll see their attitude will change drastically when they become hungry.

The Apostle Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus and watched as the Holy Spirit moved through him to reach the masses. In bringing his brother, he brought to the gospel message a mass bringer of people. Another person he brought to Jesus was a seemingly insignificant boy, with a lunch box full of fish and bread. All four gospels record that 5,000 individuals were hungry and needed a feeder, and Andrew brought just the right kid, with just enough food, to just the right Savior, to feed just the right amount of people. Andrew brought a feeder when their world needed fed.

The world needs a lot more people with a heart like Simon Peter who will reach the masses, but the world also needs the selflessness of a feeder. Notice with me that the unnamed young boy gave everything he had to Jesus. He had enough for one meal, yet thousands of meals were immediately needed. In this story, Andrew was called to bring, the boy was called to give, the disciples were called to serve, and the masses were called to eat. Andrew brought to Jesus a feeder of people. We have record that 12 baskets of leftovers were gathered, but there’s no recording of the boy ever receiving a reward for giving up his meal. It’s because the true heart of the Christ follower is to give instead of always getting.

The next time you sit down for a meal, I challenge you to remember “the need to feed” because the next person you bring to Jesus may just be the next feeder of people’s empty souls. Take a look into your spiritual lunch box and know that what’s inside of you is more than enough when it’s given to Jesus.

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