White County baseball coach Shaun Floyd speaks out


By Jerry Lowery

I had the opportunity to interview head baseball coach of the White County High School Warriors concerning this suspension and possibly shutdown of the baseball season.  I asked him some questions, and Coach Floyd’s responses are as follows:

  • What are your thoughts on this shutdown?

It’s very discouraging for our team and especially our seniors, however, safety has to come first. As much as we are disappointed, we also completely understand the severity of the situation and understand the necessary temporary shutdown.

  • How did the players feel when they found out about the season being suspended until further notice?

They were very upset. This is such a special group of guys. They love each other and really enjoy being on the team together. They had many questions for which I did not have the answers. I believe that was probably the most difficult part of the conversation. However, when the dust settled, they all asked what they could do to stay ready for when we do return to play.

  • With the announcement of all schools being closed until April 24, how do you feel about this year being completely cancelled?

I honestly pray that we find a cure or at least flatten the curve before April 24th so we can return to school and baseball. I have spoken with several coaches in our district and outside of the district. We are all anxious to see what TSSAA does. Our hope is they will extend the season a few extra weeks so we can still get time with our teams.

  • How are you keeping in touch with the players on the team during the shutdown?

I usually will send out a couple of remind messages every other day to just tell them I love them and to keep the faith. We also had a Zoom meeting, on Monday. I just told the boys I wanted to see and talk to them because I missed them. It was fun getting a chance to see them and talk to them for a few minutes and just basically catch up. I try my best to touch base with them and keep them informed but mostly just want them to know that I love them and am praying for them.

  • Any concerns or thoughts for the future ?

Obviously this is a very scary time in our country. With so many unknowns about his virus, we are all a little concerned by what the future may hold. However for myself and my team we try to stay focused on the here and now. We focus on controlling what we can control.

  • Has this taught a lesson as to make every moment count because we never know what lies ahead in life?

For myself, personally, it reminds me to savor every moment in life. We are not promised tomorrow.

(I want to thank Coach Shaun Floyd for his willingness to allow me to get his thoughts on our current situation here in White County, middle Tennessee, and the United States of America.   - Jerry Lowery)


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