White County commissioners make plans for new fiscal year

10 out of 14 commissioners in attendance


 With one fiscal year ending and another about to begin, the White County Board of Commissioners was presented with 10 resolutions from the budget committee during their June 20 regular called meeting.

The 10 of the commissioners present voted unanimously to approve each of the resolutions on the agenda. The resolutions from the budget committee all served the same purpose: to amend funds for the Fiscal Year 2022 that was closing. The need for the amendment was stated in the first paragraph of each resolution and stems from the fact that the budget is made a year in advance for planning purposed but that “at certain times revenues received and appropriations required were not budgeted or anticipated” in the original planning. Amendments are made throughout the year, and the resolutions approved on June 20 were the final ones for the Fiscal Year 2022.

  • Resolution 31-06-2022 Amend General Fund
  • Resolution 32-06-2022 Amend General School Fund
  • Resolution 33-06-2022 Amend Central Cafeteria Fund
  • Resolution 34-06-2022 Amend Highway Public Works Fund
  • Resolution 35-06-2022 Amend Solid Waste Disposal Fund
  • Resolution 36-06-2022 Amend Drug Control Fund
  • Resolution 37-06-2022 Appropriating Special Revenue
  • Resolution 38-06-2022 Fixing Tax Levy
  • Resolution 39-06-2022 Appropriation of Funds
  • Resolution 40-06-2022 Non-Profit Charitable Organizations

“I want to say a public thank you to Chad [Marcum],” commissioner Dakota White said, acknowledging all of the work that the county’s finance director puts into managing the county’s finances and keeping the budget balanced. “Good job. Thank you for everything.”

The board also voted to approve adopting Day Lily Drive as a county road through Resolution 29-06-2022.

A resolution from Steering Committee B, Resolution No 30-06-2022 Authorizing Execution of Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, was also approved unanimously by the 10 commissioners present. The resolution authorized the Director of Finance to execute a cooperative purchasing enrollment agreement with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, an out-of-state nationwide purchasing cooperative for the purpose of having access to volume-based pricing, which can lead to significant savings of taxpayer funds.

The county’s commissioners also approved two new notaries, Kenneth Hatfield Jr. and Brittany Rittenberry, and two renewal applications, Mary Tolbert and Angela Wilhite, during the meeting.

Absent from the June 20 meeting were commissioners Terry Alley, Lee Broyles, Dale Bennett, and Cain Rogers.

The next regular called meeting of White County Board of Commissioners is 6 p.m., July 18, at the courthouse.       


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