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In the aftermath of World War II, the economies of Europe were shattered. Many buildings, bridges, and roads had been destroyed or damaged, and the treasuries of these countries had been depleted in the war effort. Through the Marshall Plan, America gave loans and grants to 16 of the countries of Europe and rescued their ravaged countries. Their GDP went up, and they were able to rebuild their cities quickly and avoid the social and economic upheaval that a long, protracted recovery would surely have caused. As this occurred, a new world order emerged in which the USA acted as a big brother or father figure to Europe. We are still, in many ways, seen as that same figure in Europe, even though it is long past time for Europe to take care of themselves.

It is because of the post-World War II world order that whenever there is trouble in Europe, the Europeans expect America to come running to their rescue. It is way past time for this to stop. Coming to our current European problems, Ukraine is the (depending on your source for ranking) the third or fourth most corrupt government on the planet. Yet, we voted last week to send them billions in cash and military equipment. As I said before, can someone tell me what the national strategic interest of the United States is involved in the defense of Europe? 

During this financial crisis in Ukraine, why can’t Ukraine start by clawing back the stolen monies from its oligarchy? Then, let the countries of Europe, in whose backyard this problem occurred, lead the financial efforts to help Ukraine. Only as a last resort should American taxpayers be picking up the tab for these actions. It is past time for us to re-establish the idea that Europe should solve Europe’s problems. We are a debtor nation now, borrowing every penny we send to Ukraine. And how many millions of the billions sent will be reaped by corrupt politicians like Ole Joe Biden? Why have all the mainstream media (even Fox, which is little better) been loudly beating the drums of war? Could the reason be all the corrupt politicians are looking toward their next payday?

Let’s turn now briefly to some current events. On the Supreme Court front (SCOTUS), a copy of a draft of the opinion from SCOTUS has been leaked. In it, the justice goes back to the beginning in 1972 when SCOTUS “discovered” the constitution covered and permitted, even required, abortion. That was highly suspect legal reasoning then and it is now. Furthermore, even were SCOTUS to strike down Roe v. Wade, that would not mean an end to abortion. It would send the issue back to the states, and each state will decide whether to allow abortions in their state and under what rules. It is hard to fault this logic. 

As I write this, all 22 of President Trump’s endorsed candidates won their primaries last night. This brings Trump’s total this year to 55 - 0. And I promise, we are going to hear all over again about how terrible Trump is and how the nation is surely going down the tubes embracing Trump!

Finally, can a single conservative tell me why they are still watching Fox News? Do we not realize we are supporting the enemy of the people? I was an avid, die-hard Fox watcher…until they refused to cover the problems with the 2020 election. Lately, it has come out that they are one of the media companies that was paid millions not to allow negative stories on the vaccine or reportage on all the additional therapies available. After a small uproar, back we went to our favorite conservative news channel, ignoring the fact it was conservative no more. Can you see how this makes us look like fools to the opposition?

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