Without police - no order and no peace

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 Defund the police!  Do away with the police!  Let everyone police their own neighborhood!  These are some of the more prominent refrains that currently echo across our country.  The sources of this ridiculousness primarily reside in the large population centers/big cities, which are in disarray and fraught with rising crime rates after years of fiscal mismanagement by the former Democrat Party, now flying its true colors as the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP).  And, of course, the flames of this insanity are fanned by the fake news media, at the behest of the SDP.

Since the primary topic of this commentary is the SDP’s targeting of our local police forces, I scanned my rather old and large dictionary for the definition of the word “police.”  There are varying definitions, but very simply put, the police are “a civil force of a state or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime, the enforcement of  established laws, and the maintenance of public order.”

If the SDP is successful in weakening and/or dismantling our police departments, the Second Amendment of our Constitution becomes supremely important in the fight to save our constitutional federal republic and way of life. To refresh your memory, the Second Amendment reads as follows: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

If the police fall or appear to be falling, by having our own personal firearms we as individual citizens/patriots or as an armed citizens’ militia, can come to their aid.  Being armed, we have the means to protect our families, homes, towns/cities, states and country and to carry the battle for law and order to the enemy; i.e. the SDP and their foreign-based collaborators. Be prepared. 

Do you know why the Japanese didn’t attack our homeland in World War II?  They knew that almost every American had a weapon in their house.  The second Amendment saved us from a military invasion by a formidable hostile country.  The difference this time, the enemy is most foul; i.e. brain-washed and power hungry traitors within our country supported by foreign entities.

Given the nature of these traitors and based on my own personal poll over the past few weeks of people both known and unknown to me, not one person believed that the internal problems we face as a nation can be settled peacefully.  Although that is also my present view, I was surprised by the unanimous finding.  That suggests that the American people may be waking up to the seriousness of the mess that the SDP and clueless Joe Biden have stirred up, both at home and abroad.  In just 93 days, Biden has laid claim to the title of “The Worst American President Ever.”  He is not a harmless elderly man with a memory problem.  He is a serious threat to our country.

Addressing the horrendous mess at our southern border is a top priority. But, saving our police departments equals it in importance.  Without our police departments, anarchy will reign,, and socialism will take control of this country.  The police need our support and help, and we need them more than ever!

When is the last time you or someone you know thanked a police officer for his or her service?  When is the last time your town honored your law  enforcement officers for their 24-hour daily devotion to duty?  Image what life would be like in our towns, counties, states, and throughout our country if we didn’t have law enforcement officers.  The result would be lawlessness on a grand scale.  It would embolden Biden’s Socialist handlers to have him declare martial law and bring in the full force of our military services.  And, that would prove to be the end of our constitutional federal republic and the emergence of the Socialist states of America.   That alone is reason enough to defend our police departments and stand united with them.  Without our police officers, our country will be lost.       

Commensurate with the nationwide attack on our police officers/departments, Joe Biden and his flock of Socialist politicians  are attempting to take away our second amendment right to own and bear arms (guns).  If you do not have a handgun, a rifle, or shotgun and you want one or more, now is the time to acquire them and stock-up on ammunition. I am not trying to start a war, but, given the insanity of the rogue Biden Administration and the dark shadow of socialism that is creeping across our country, we need to be in a position to stand with our police officers and defend ourselves, our families, our beliefs, and  save our country.

The brilliance of our Founding Fathers in drafting our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, extends to their attachment of the Second Amendment to our Constitution.  They wanted future generations to be in a position to have the means to save the nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

As a reminder, there are certain essential things that the practitioners of socialism and communism must do en route to taking over a targeted  country.  Two of those essential things are: (01) The demonetization, disarmament  and dismantlement of the police departments; and, (02) Deny the citizens of said country both access to and the right to own weapons necessary to defend themselves and their country.

Here is a question for you.  Are there bad police officers? Yes!  But, there are some bad individuals in any profession you care to name.  But, one doesn’t impeach a group or a profession because of the misdeed(s) of a few of its members.  That applies to our police departments.  To dismantle or downsize the police invites disaster.

This outcry to defund, dismantle, and do away with the police is a political ploy by the SDP and its suborned cohorts to prey on the emotions of the family and/or friends of an injured or deceased family member or friend.  The SDP wants to inflame any/all police actions that includes citizen fatalities  and sow racism as a means of pitting citizens against other citizens or police officials, etc.  The SDP’s objective is to create anarchy.  The SDP wants people, especially minorities, to believe they are their only friends.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Support law and order, and your police officers.  We need them and they need all of us.  That is my opinion.  God Bless America!    

Jerry Jones, a native of Sparta, is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret.


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