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As the state track and field meet comes to an end, that officially completes another school year of sports in White County.
It’s no secret that my busiest time of the year is from September to May. Most of the summer months are spent for me with Little League and following around the high school teams in their preparation for the coming season.
I want to wrap up another year of school sports by paying homage to those who have helped me get the sports in White County covered. Notice I didn’t say it was covered well because that is subjective and believe me, I know there are those of you out there who let me know that is not the case.
Just like they say it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a part of the village to help me get sports covered. I know some of you get tired of hearing this, but I am the only person in the sports department of our paper. Many of you don’t remember when there wasn’t even anyone dedicated only to sports.
With it being just me and numerous sports going on each and every sports season, it would be nearly impossible for me to get anything covered without the help of many people out there. Now, I’m not going to start naming names for fear of leaving someone out unintentionally, but if you are reading this, you will know that you are one of those I am thanking.
I often get questioned why this sport or that sport is not in the paper. Most of you might not know it, but there are numerous times I write about a game without actually having been in attendance. Since there are so many sports going on at the same time and also since I know there is nobody out there that would want me to be cloned, I have to rely on people to help me out.
I want to thank those coaches who called me after games to provide results. Also those coaches who dropped by results or emailed them to me were invaluable to the sports section. Then I have various volunteers who took the time to jot down notes or borrow one of my recorders to give me play by play on games I couldn’t attend.
Without those of you who provided me with details or stats, there is no way I could have gotten half as much in the paper as I did.
I appreciate everything each of you done this school year to help get the young athletes a little bit of publicity. I wish I could be in more than one place at a time, but I’ve not figured that one out yet.
I do know that I am jealous of some of the schools that I attend to cover games. All their sports facilities are on one campus. That would be awesome to just walk around and be able to cover everything in one place.
It’s not often that I am jealous of our rival schools, but in that instance I am. I know that that is something I will have to deal with, but it doesn’t hurt to wish.
Once again, thanks to everyone who helped me with sports coverage this year. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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