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(By Hansel Moore) – On the eastern outskirts of the Van Buren countryside, near the Bledsoe County line, sits a small structure that is the home to a unique population of locals.

They are locals because they were made here on the mountain by the creative hands of Cynthia Deweese and her mother, Alice. They are dressed in a variety of outfits, and some represent the daily attire of Van Buren residents. The farmer is dressed in blue jean overalls and is detailed with a pencil in the front pocket and a red bandana hanging out of the back pocket.

“I just love making them, and I couldn’t do it without my mother,” shared Deweese, the owner of the store.

“My mother opened the store, in 1991 and was able to send my sister through college by what she made in this little store,” said Deweese.

The store was closed for a few years and Deweese was on the road driving semi trucks. When health issues for a family member changed, she decided to give up her love for the road to be closer to home. She decided to re-open the store that had been known as Alice’s Wonderland – named after her mother. She couldn’t keep the name (since her name was not Alice), so she decided to take a note from the fairytale and told here mother, “I guess I will follow you down the rabbit hole.” Hence, the new name.

You can see the love and quality that has gone into the design and creation of each item in the store. Alice continues to help with the production of items and lends her talents to bring character to each work of art.

“She has the talent with the brush,” explained Deweese.

Her talent was also evident in the array of paintings hanging on the walls.

One of the rooms is a showcase for Christmas in July. There are Santas of all shapes and sizes and a variety of items to decorate for a country Christmas are available. Hand- painted ornaments will be a hit for any tree this year. Halloween season is also a busy time for the store.

“I make and sell a lot of witches and scare crows,” said Deweese.

Handmade jewelry is one of the premier items for the discerning shopper. Each piece is unique and crafted by the imagination of the artist, Deweese.

If anyone is in need of a one-of-a kind gift, don’t hesitate to go down this rabbit hole. It is located at 823 Deweese Rd., in Pikeville. Check out the business at

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